Let’s Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

The first Friday of each November is Love Your Lawyer Day

Love Your Lawyer Day was created by attorney Nader Anise in 2011, and officially recognized as a day to celebrate by the ABA in 2015. In this Bloomberg Law article that ran the same year, Anise is quoted as saying “The reality is that lawyers are, for the most part, vilified in our society… this day is about recognizing them, appreciating them and thanking them.

And it is true! Lawyers have consistently been the target of verbal bashing derogatory portrayals dating back hundreds of years; the portrayal of lawyers in American pop culture, including on TV and movies, is largely negative and continuously reinforces a negative stereotype of lawyers in society.

This negative perception of lawyers does a huge disservice to all lawyers and diminishes the positive role lawyers can play in people’s lives. (Find out more about how New Law Business Model is turning lawyer stereotypes on their head here.)

What people tend to forget is how lawyers help us in ways no other profession can or does. People also seem to forget that lawyers are real people, too, and simply don’t deserve that kind of negativity.

So today, we celebrate lawyers and offer our thanks for all of the good that they do in the world.

And we invite you to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day too!

For non-lawyers, here are three easy ways to celebrate.

  • Skip the lawyer jokes today (and every day, seriously—lawyer jokes are so last century.)
  • If you have a story about a lawyer you love and/or one that has made a positive impact in your life, share on social using the hashtags #loveyourlawyerday and #lawyersilove
  • Reach out to a lawyer who has made a difference for you and thank them personally, or go to their business page and leave a stellar review for all to see.

And here are three easy ways for lawyers to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day!

  • Share a memorable moment or story from your life and law practice that feels good to you or speaks to why you love being a lawyer with the hashtag #loveyourlawyer
  • Reach out to a lawyer mentor or colleague who made a positive impact in your life and let them know how much you appreciate them.
  • And if you’d really like to share the goodness, consider volunteering in your community or at your children’s school for an afternoon—and if time is a problem, which we know it can be for so many reasons—consider making a donation equivalent to your hourly rate to a local charity.

At New Law Business Model, we love lawyers every day, and we are here to support you to build a life and law practice you love.

Get to know us better by joining our private Facebook group, The Lifestyle Lawyer’s Club. It is a great place to be in connection with a community of forward-thinking lawyers, and we share powerful free training and law practice building resources. We would love to see you there!

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