Step Up and Lead Using Your Law Degree (and Your Law Practice Will Thrive)

I've been thinking a lot about you over the past couple of weeks, as it became clear to me that we were going to be going into a national lockdown...

I was thinking about how many of you would be scared -- scared about your livelihood… scared about whether clients would still hire you… scared about how you would deliver your services.

And I've been thinking about how I can best help you to see that you are in the best position possible right now to be able to step up and lead in your community in a way that is, really, I believe, the reason you went to law school.

Watch the video below to hear my message for you, and lawyers everywhere, on how to use your law degree to become the solution your community is looking for in this time of crisis. If you prefer to keep reading instead, I've outlined the rest of the message below...

Here we are in a time of crisis, not just a national crisis, but a global crisis, a time of great uncertainty.

And you have an asset, your law degree ... along with your critical mind, your thinking skills, your problem-solving skills, and your ability to counsel and guide people with wisdom during these times that very few other people have.

And if you choose to step up and lead during this time you can step into having the life and law practice that you truly want. Even through all of this uncertainty.

Most lawyers won't do it. Most lawyers will choose to succumb to thoughts of fear. They'll pull back from the marketplace. They'll hide. They won't know what to say. They won't know what to do.

They won't know how to get virtual with their clients.

They won't know how to connect with people as a true expert and leader, and I'm inviting you to do something different.

I'm inviting you to step up now, and lead.

Lead with your law degree, and with your heart—knowing that you were born for this time.

You went to law school so that you could truly serve in a meaningful way.

And I believe the best way to do that is to serve the families and the small business owners in your community who need you right now, more than ever, they need you to help them to make wise decisions about how to take care of their family, how to take care of their assets, and how to take care of their businesses.

This is not about estate taxes, and this is not about complex tax rules and regulations...

This is about helping the people in your community to make the everyday most meaningful decisions of their life, for things that touch all of us:

  • How to take care of our parents when they're thousands of miles away
  • How to make sure that if something happens to us that none of our assets are lost to the government, to the $58 billion sitting in state departments of unclaimed property right now
  • How to make sure that our family is not subject to court processes that are unnecessary, expensive, often drawn out and they're certainly going to be backed up.
  • And after all of this, how do we make sure that our businesses have the infrastructure - the legal, insurance, financial, and tax infrastructure we need to carry on and thrive?

Again, not complex tax matters, basic tax matters, the support structures that they need in order to thrive no matter what.

You can be the kind of trusted advisor with your law degree that the people in your community are turning to for guidance on these matters.

And I want you to step into it. I want to invite you to step into it.

I want to invite you to become a trusted advisor, to use your law degree in the highest and best way possible to truly serve, to make a real difference in your community, and to be able to do it right from home.

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