Life & Legacy Planning

The Life & Legacy Planning service model is truly differentiated from online DIY estate planning drafting solutions and "cheap legal" because it results in plans that work to keep families out of court and out of conflict.

Life & Legacy Planning is the relational heart-centered counseling and guidance your community needs. As a Personal Family Lawyer®, you’ll use Life & Legacy Planning to help your clients build and pass on generational wealth in a way that reconnects you to why you became a lawyer in the first place.


Traditional “estate planning” just doesn’t cut it.

DIY will and trust sites and “cheap legal” services leave families with a big mess when a loved one becomes incapacitated or dies. Whether legal documents are poorly prepared or the best-in-class, they provide little guidance and care to the humans left behind after the death of a loved one.

As a result, families get stuck in court, lose track of valuable assets, or get mired in totally avoidable legal conflicts at a time when clarity, compassion, and guidance are what's needed most.

What’s missing from traditional estate planning:

  • Differentiation from “cheap legal” services (whether lawyer-provided or DIY online).

    Traditional Estate Planning practices are in a race-to-the-bottom with online DIY services. They both offer the same solutions with the same mediocre outcomes.

  • Reliable outcomes.

    Most DIY or documents-only estate plans fail because they fall out of date quickly - assets change, life changes, and the law changes — but the documents don’t. And they almost never include a comprehensive inventory or “map” of assets — which is why there is $58B of lost and unclaimed assets and property in States’ control across the US. Finally, DIY and cheap legal plans don’t account for intangible assets — intellectual, spiritual and human assets, which are the assets families care about most.

  • Ability to price effectively.

    Because traditional estate planning is often experienced as a "commodity” service that can be shopped for and purchased at lowest cost, most lawyers struggle to charge the fees they deserve and need to run a healthy practice. And those who are charging enough often having a sneaking suspicion that they aren’t really delivering value. Luckily, Life & Legacy can solve both of these problems by providing a service that is truly valuable, cannot be commoditized, and allows you to charge enough to support a healthy, thriving business model.

  • Over-dependency on template documents.

    Documents alone, no matter how good they are, will not guide people to the right legal and financial choices for themselves, and the people they love. And, that binder on the shelf won’t be there to support family after the death of a loved one. It takes the guidance and care of trusted legal counsel to support a family through a lifetime of wise decision-making, and beyond.

Life & Legacy Planning is the ico-heart heart suit of being a Personal Family Lawyer.

Become a trusted guide for the people in your community, and help them make a lifetime of wise legal and financial decisions.
As a Personal Family Lawyer®, you’ll help your clients build generational wealth, life and legacy in a way that reconnects you to why you became a lawyer in the first place.

A Relational Standard.

Relationships — with clients, referral partners, and the community — are the fuel for all our most successful PFL firms. Life & Legacy Planning allows you to move beyond the billable and the fillable to provide a truly differentiated service that is recession-proof and can’t be replaced by any online service or technology because it’s based in your humanity.


Ready to become a Personal Family Lawyer?


Life & Legacy Planning is the foundation of my success.

Becoming a Personal Family Lawyer and learning Life & Legacy Planning changed my life. It became the foundation of everything that made my practice a success, and it reconnected me to the heart of why I love being a lawyer.

Today, I get to work with lawyers across the country as they take the same journey I did: serving clients with a truly valuable and in-demand service, connecting them with heart-focused communication tools and techniques, and working from their passion.

Your practice can work for you and for your clients. We’d love to show you how.


Kim Rockwood
Senior Law Business Advisor
Personal Family Lawyer, and
& Law Business Success Coach


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