New Law Business Model: Revealed

The traditional business model for lawyers is broken. You, and your clients, deserve the proven structure and guidance to build a lucrative law practice that you'll love. NewLaw founder, Ali Katz, wrote, the New Law Business Model book for every lawyer who knows there has to be a better way. There does, and there is. Read the book.


Ready to Love Your Law Practice?

You became a lawyer to help people, make a great living and have a great life. Instead, you’re working insane hours, not making the money you had hoped, work/life is wildly out-of-balance, and you're wondering why you became a lawyer in the first place.

New Law and Personal Family Lawyer Founder, Ali Katz, faced the exact challenges, all while being a single mom and the breadwinner in her family.

When she saw major flaws in the way lawyers, like herself, were taught to serve families and small business owners, she decided to do something about it - creating the New Law Business Model.

Now, Ali brings this knowledge and experience to bear in The New Law Business Model Revealed. If you’re a lawyer, there’s no need to abandon your life or your dreams. In this book, Ali shows how to use your most valuable asset—your law degree—for the good of families, small businesses, and most importantly, your well-being. Pulling from her own journey, Ali shares the roadmap she followed and the repeatable system for turning a law practice into a law business (and life) you love.


A comprehensive solution

The model where lawyers are paid for hours or documents doesn't work for you or your clients. Too much mindless work, too many long hours, too little of what you actually went to law school for in the first place.

It’s time to take back your time, your income, and your humanity. The New Law Business Model was created to guide inspired lawyers like you into a new era. One where you can have control of your life, your calendar and your fulfillment.

Why I Wrote This Book

I remember walking down the halls of the first office I rented (or actually traded 20 hours of my time a month to rent because I didn't have any money), shocked that I had to create everything from scratch, and I made a promise to myself and every other lawyer who wanted something better:

Once I figure this out, I'm going to share it with all the lawyers I can because no lawyer should have to reinvent this wheel ever again.

I’ve now trained thousands of lawyers in the New Law Business Model, and they have seen the results: previously unhappy, unfulfilled, overworked lawyers are now building high six- and seven-figure law practices; making a significantly positive difference in the lives of their clients and in their communities.

And they’re having fun doing it.

I know it may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. By the time you are done reading this book, you will have a vision of your life and law practice that’s so inspiring, you’ll do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality.

You will not have to take the big risks I took because I’ve done the heavy lifting of trial and error for you (and trust me, there were lots and lots of errors). I’ve built the systems you need to break free from long hours and miserable work in a broken law business model.

I would love to help you do just that.

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Ali Katz,
Founder of New Law Business Model,
Personal Family Lawyer, and
Eyes Wide Open Life


Love your life and law practice today.

If you're ready to go beyond the book and want to get all the support you need to apply the New Law Businesss Model to your practice, get a free consultation with one of our Law Business Advisors today.

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