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Learn our proven Life & Legacy Planning process and serve clients in the way you always knew possible. Transform your estate planning law practice from tedious busy work you hate to a fulfilling career that serves the people in your community.


Member lawyer Amy explains how NLBM coaches lawyers to scalable and repeatable success.


Member lawyer Bethany describes the difference in marketing her practice as a Personal Family Lawyer.

A proven system.
A powerful service.
A customized plan.

Once you’ve learned the model and are up and running, we provide the ongoing, customized support to grow the practice of your dreams — solo, small firm, or empire, we’ve got you covered.

Build your own custom roadmap to a life and law practice you love. Start by booking a call with a Law Business Advisor.


We ico-heart supporting lawyers to adopt the New Law Business Model, and not just transform their law practices, but their lives as well.


Amse Heck talks about the changes she saw in her husband after becoming a Personal Family Lawyer.

In this video, Amse discusses her husband's increase in emotional intelligence and empathy. It is this NLBM program that has helped her husband become his true self instead of the version that was swamped by all the frustrations he was experiencing.

Frequently asked questions about
New Law Business Model

Is PFL only for serving high net worth families?

Absolutely not. That’s one of the greatest fallacies of estate planning. Death and incapacity affect all of us. Everyone who has assets that would be lost, or loved ones they care about, need to make eyes wide-open decisions about how to leave what they have so it doesn’t result in a big mess for the people they love. Most PFLs build thriving practices serving the 99% not the 1%.

Can you help me with my non-estate planning law practice?

The 6 systems to build a Personal Family Lawyer® firm with Life & Legacy Planning are the same 6 systems you need to be successful in any and every business. We give you all the components for you to build the 6 systems for your estate planning practice, and you can apply what we teach you across the board to other practice areas that you’d like to keep working in.

How much will I make as a PFL?

You choose. You can choose a solo model with outsourcing and take home $10,000 a month or build an empire taking home $40,000 per month or more. We have PFLs earning $25k a month working part-time, and some with multi-million dollar practices with multiple lawyers. That’s the beauty of it. You build it for your life.

Will you help me market my practice and attract clients?

YES! Once you become a Personal Family Lawyer, you are licensed to use all of our proven marketing systems and done-for-you resources to educate your community, recruit and train referral sources, follow up with your leads and prospects and become THE go-to lawyer for families and business owners in your chosen area of focus.

Can the people in my community afford a PFL?

Yes. Because we teach you our proprietary flexible premium pricing system (we call it “affordable premium”) that allows your clients to choose their own fees and gets you paid for the value you deliver. It’s a win/win.


With You Every Step of the Way.

Much of my life’s work has been dedicated to helping people live their values and connect with others, themselves, and their lives in meaningful ways. Leading our coaching team at NLBM gives me the opportunity to help every member get the customized advice they need on how to use Life and Legacy Planning to grow their Personal Family Lawyer® firm and serve their communities in deeply meaningful ways.

With each lawyer’s 1:1 private coach, we go beyond just providing business advice. What I love most is we help every lawyer find and maintain the mindset they need to be a successful entrepreneur, have great relationships with clients, and love their lives, not just their law practice.


Allison Osborn,
Lead Coach
New Law Business Model


It's time for a change.

Whether you’re starting a practice from scratch, adding to an existing one, or overhauling your current one, you deserve to start now. Begin your journey with NLBM today.

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