Opening your own law practice

Trying to go it alone and build your law practice into a business from scratch is literally crazy-making, and will leave you lost, confused, spinning your wheels, and wasting your time and money. After giving it a shot, you may even consider leaving the law altogether.

This is why we created New Law Business Model. You are too important to your community to throw up your hands in frustration or to try to make a broken model work.

We’ll guide you on how to start a law practice, and do it right from the start, so you are able to build a law practice you love, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s time to stop thinking about quitting the law and use your law degree to create a business you love, instead.


How a Law Practice
Becomes a Law Business.

No one trains lawyers to know how to start and grow a law practice with a proven soup-to-nuts model with all the component parts done for you. From marketing to service model to pricing structures and fee quoting systems, lawyers using the New Law Business Model don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We provide everything you need so you don’t recreate the same challenges you struggled with in previous roles, especially now that you’re in charge of everything.

Not just a law practice, a law business you love.

Every law practice needs six key systems to become a law business. Most lawyers waste years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure them out on their own. These systems are essential to have consistent cash flow, time off when you want it, and happy clients referring you to everyone they know.

The Six Systems


Attract qualified prospects excited to work with you with education-based marketing that positions you as the expert in your niche. Yes, you can focus on just the people you want to serve and become the go-to lawyer in your community by no longer taking whatever walks in the door and laser focusing your marketing, so you become omnipresent.


Engage nearly every prospect who calls your office. When you engage at least 80% of your prospects with a pre-structured, heart-centered, counseling-focused 2-hour session like our Family Wealth Planning Session, you save a massive amount of time that’s otherwise wasted on people who need to think about it and aren’t sure.


Serve Clients and Turn Them Into Raving Fans. When your client delivery service is structured as we teach, with a 3-meeting process that creates plans that work plus a “wow” service, your clients remember your name and refer you to everyone they know.


Retain clients for life with recurring revenue. Starting every month over at zero is a bad model for you and your clients; instead offer a recurring revenue ongoing support program like our Family Wealth VIP Membership Program.


Manage your numbers. Spreadsheets, calendars, and KPIs are your best friend when you understand how to use them — and we’ll give you all of it so you can just plug and play your time and money goals to create the life and law practice you want.

Hire and Train

A right-size team you can count on. Whether you want to be a solo lawyer with outsourcing or you want to build a fully staffed practice or even a multi-million dollar empire, we will teach you to build the right size team for you and, most importantly, lead that team so you love working with them and they want to stay with you for life.

Lawyers who opened Personal Family Lawyer firms from scratch.


    "I didn't have an existing book of business."

    The support I received from NLBM and the community is monumental. I didn't start with an existing book of business, I started from scratch. But the model and support NLBM gave me is scalable and growable. At any time I can go get clients, I don't have to depend on anyone else.

    I can now both use my law degree and serve my clients in a meaningful way.

  • JOHN H.

    "I didn't know how to market"

    Before joining NLBM . . . I didn’t know how to market, and I didn’t have the systems needed to truly succeed. So I went through NLBM training, and I saw that the training works, the systems work, and the people I meet with always become clients.

  • WENDI T.

    "It would have taken me years..."

    "I’m so grateful to NLBM for giving me a way to make a comfortable living while providing a service I can feel good about.

    Thanks to the coaching and materials I received in the program, I was able to launch a brand new estate planning practice with a level of sophistication that would have taken me years to achieve on my own."

  • WILL S.

    Go to interviews

    "What the NLBM method really does give you is a framework to build your law firm around the life that you want and make it flexible enough so that as your life changes, the law firm just changes right along with it. Having the flexibility of time, and being the master of your own schedule, calendar, and work week."

Frequently asked questions about
New Law Business Model

Could I really spend more time with my kids?

Absolutely. That is exactly why many of our most successful lawyers started Personal Family Lawyer firms. And, it’s why our founder created PFL … using the traditional model of law practice, it’s really hard (if not impossible) to spend as much time as you want with your kids, but with PFL, you can because you create your own schedule based on a proven practice model that works for you, and your clients.

Is the NLBM system sustainable?

PFL firms keep growing every year if that is their goal. We have members who have walked with us and grown their lives and law practices with us since 2008. We think that proves our systems are sustainable, and that they sustain and thrive through all economic conditions as well.

How many hours do NLBM lawyers work a week?

We have many lawyers who are working part-time making six figures because of the efficiency of our systems. This doesn’t happen overnight but is a reality you can create by investing your time, energy, attention, and money wisely, which is exactly what your Law Business Success Coach will support you to do. Build your life and law practice on your terms.

How do I manage client relationships if I’m not always available?

We will teach you to create boundaries and set expectations in such a way that your clients are HAPPY that you aren’t always available. We know that may sounds strange or counter-intuitive, but believe us when we tell you that trying to be “always on” to keep your clients happy is a recipe for failure. And, it’s not actually what your clients want. In our training programs, we’ll guide you to what they do want, which will keep you and your clients happy.

How will I earn enough money only working 3 days a week?

The majority of what inexperienced practice owners spend their time on is not helping them grow their businesses. We eliminate that waste, help clear your head of distraction, and focus your energy on your most valuable activities. When you use our systems for managing your time and money, you can have a high-6 figure firm working just 3 days a week with the right support team in place to support you and your clients.

Will I have to quit my job in order to do NLBM?

Eventually, you will quit your job so you can build your own law practice, yes. But, in the beginning, you can keep your job and study the NLBM trainings and teachings. Once you get confident that you can engage clients at an average fee of $4,500 and deliver a service you truly believe in, you’ll likely want to quit your job so you can build a business you love.


Is your new life & law practice waiting?

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