Considering Alternative Careers With a Law Degree? You Don’t Have to Abandon Ship! Just Set a New Course

The New Law Business Model Offers You the Option to Set a Different Course

You were pretty excited when you finished law school, weren’t you? You probably envisioned working for an established law firm, making a nice chunk of change, and enjoying the sweet smell of success.

But then comes the stress, the long hours, and the inevitable time away from your family. It doesn’t take long before the reality of what it really is to be a traditionally trained and practicing lawyer sinks in. Too often, this leads to lawyer burnout.

And speaking of “sink,” maybe you have a sneaking suspicion you’re on the proverbial sinking ship, feeling you have few options that will allow you to continue practicing law. That’s when countless lawyers just like you contemplate alternative legal careers and giving up on their legal career entirely. They’re just plain unhappy.

If you’re already considering a career change, your analytical nature has kicked in. You’re reading everything you can get your hands on—including this blog—doing a lot of thinking, researching, and even more Googling, trying to figure out if you can pursue any alternative careers with a law degree.

And make no mistake, your law degree is extremely valuable, especially when you’re empowered to use it to serve your clients and your community. That was part of your original plan, wasn’t it? Don’t abandon ship yet.

You may feel overwhelmed right now, unsure what’s next, but you know there’s got to be a better way to make a living, even if “better” means leaving the law. You’re not alone.

That’s exactly where NLBM Lawyer Member Amy June found herself. After 19 years of practicing law, she was thinking of leaving it altogether. As she says, she didn’t have one foot out the door, it was more like two feet out the door, walking toward a new career as a life coach. Then she found NLBM, which provided her with the career—and life—she always envisioned.

Knowing there’s an option allowing you to set a different course, rather than leaving your chosen profession, should make you feel the tiniest bit better. While Amy knew immediately the New Law Business Model was exactly what she’d been looking for, perhaps you’re not so sure. No problem.

We’ve got three quick actions you can take right now to figure out whether it’s launch time for your law practice’s transformational journey with the New Law Business Model.

#1 DETERMINE if you’re an Entrepreneurial Lawyer.

Print this 15-trait list, going through and underlining all of the traits that resonate for you. If you underline at least 10, move forward to Action #2.

Traits of an Entrepreneurial Lawyer:

  1. Confidence
  2. Strong Work Ethic – Disciplined
  3. Determination – Tenacity
  4. Self-Starter
  5. Competitiveness
  6. Loves to Learn
  7. Knows How to Network – Strong People Skills
  8. Flexibility – Highly Adaptable
  9. Passionate
  10. Basic Money Management Skills and Knowledge
  11. Resilience
  12. Open-Mindedness
  13. Takes Calculated Risks
  14. Ability to Sell and Promote
  15. Willingness to Ask for and Accept Help

#2 DETERMINE if you want to practice law with a higher-purpose service model.

Answer these two simple, but incredibly important questions:

  • Do you want to serve your clients in a meaningful way?
  • Do you want to be of service to your community?

If you answered yes to both of these, go to Action #3.

#3 DETERMINE if you’re willing to change your mindset in order to have the law practice—and life—you’ve always wanted.

Answer this one all-important question:

  • Are you ready to put aside your skepticism, fear, and traditional legal training, and take the first step in discovering how you can transform your law practice?

If you answered, “Yes,” it’s time to take that first step. Now. Don’t Google “Alternative Careers for Attorneys” or “Leaving the Law” one more time. (You can go on over and read our previous blog on the topic, Thinking of Quitting the Law? if you’d like some more inspiration.)

Like most lawyers we know, you went to law school to have an impact. You truly view practicing law as a helping profession. Now is the time to make good on that ideal you once held to be of service.

The New Law Business Model offers an actual plan for moving away from a transactional way of practicing law and transitioning into a new way of practicing law that focuses on relationships.

Your next step in the journey to transform your law practice is to have a conversation with a Law Business Advisor who’s your go-to person as you explore how the “New Law Way” can put the happy back into your legal career.