Case Study: From Stuck and Unfulfilled Lawyer to Reborn and Renewed Lawyer

Desk with book, plant, and whiteboard that says "Amy June Case Study" (Amy June, NLBM-trained Personal Family Lawyer)

In Amy June's quest to practice law on her terms, this Entrepreneurial Lawyer found the New Law Business Model and fulfillment.

Unfulfilling Traditional Law Practice Provides Catalyst for Change

After Amy June graduated from the prestigious Duke Law School, she went the traditional route, spending the next several years as a very successful litigator, but she was working long hours steeped in conflict, forced to accept every case and client assigned to her.

She experienced the dawning realization that practicing law the traditional way was never going to be completely fulfilling, which spurred her on to try alternative lawyering opportunities at a number of different law firms, thinking that might help. It didn’t. She just felt an increasing disconnect between being a lawyer and being happy.

As time went on she just couldn’t shake that feeling of being stuck. Being stuck didn’t mean she didn’t know what she wanted, she just didn’t know how to get it. What she did know, unequivocally, was she wanted to help people, but she didn’t see that happening while she was still practicing law. That’s when she reached the tipping point. She was done.

Instead of continuing on the path of what was expected of her, Amy said, “I really made the decision at that point that I wasn't going to be a lawyer anymore because I had made one bad decision after another chasing the fulfillment.” She wanted to truly help clients, but she was spending more time billing clients, than helping them.

Intrinsically in possession of a positive attitude, Amy recognized everything she had done thus far led her to this exact moment when she needed to make a change.

While she wasn’t sure what career opportunities were available to her after nearly two decades of practicing law, she was determined to find a better way to use her law degree to help people.

And then the pandemic hit.

Challenging Circumstances Bring the Solution

Through sheer happenstance, Amy found herself COVID-unemployed when her temporary job ended. That turned out to be not all bad because she told us she was able to “take a step back, take a breather, and think really hard” about what she wanted to do, which led to a complete reset.

Now she had time to actively explore other career options. Amy didn’t want to just settle for a work-life balance, but rather she wanted to have a completely integrated life. She felt like her life evolution and career evolution could be one and the same, so she came up with a plan. She decided her next step would be transitioning to a career as a life coach, so she began looking into the best programs.

In the meantime, she was reveling in actually having time for herself, going on daily three-hour walks, and listening to inspirational podcasts. It was during one of these walks when she listened to Ali interview another NLBM Lawyer that she had her first introduction to the New Law Business Model. That’s when everything lined up.

As she tells it, “I seriously came home from that walk, and told my husband, I think I can stay being a lawyer. This fits what I’ve been looking for, and I feel confident I’ll be doing something aligned with me. I can actually figure out who I am in this professional capacity.”

Though trained to be a skeptic, her extensive research into becoming a life coach applied to her vetting of the New Law Business Model program, creating an immediate comfort level with the program.

After Amy’s soul searching and online career searching she found NLBM at just the right time, and she’s never looked back.

Connecting the Dots to Create Career Possibilities

Timing is everything, and Amy found that to be true when she was ready for this next step in her career. “I found NLBM during a time when I felt completely stuck in a career path and societal structure that I didn't feel like I could get out of.”

When she found NLBM, it provided her with the solution Amy needed that would allow her to pivot. After listening to that first interview, she heard more NLBM Lawyer stories, and she connected to all of them, particularly Ali’s story about how she started out.

Because Amy remained open to the possibilities, she was able to discover a way to practice law that was aligned with the way she wanted to live her life. She could build a business; build a life. She didn’t have to choose one or the other.

She didn’t let the fact that she had no prior estate planning experience hold her back either. Any new endeavor can be nerve-wracking to contemplate, but she had such a positive attitude she felt, “There was really zero risk because I felt like I was coming from a place where I really needed this extra empowerment, this coaching.”

She was open to transforming, growing, evolving, and she found an incredible amount of support in both the NLBM Lawyer Member community and in her NLBM team support, providing what Amy calls “quality” community. According to Amy, there was an immediate sense of coming into alignment, on “how we look at life, how we look at our practices, and how we lift each other up, so nobody's stuck.”

Amy realized if the NLBM program was going to be successful for her, it meant she had to dive in one hundred percent, so she did just that. First, she completed the Life & Legacy Planning Program training, then, in August of 2020, she joined Membership. She immediately followed this up by diving into implementation, asking lots of questions, and getting coaching. She was energized by the fact that no one was putting restraints on her, which allowed her to completely immerse herself into growing her practice.

NLBM gave her not just a different way to practice law, but a better way. And better came in the form of real results.

Applying a Limitless Mindset to the Practice of Law

In one short year, Amy’s law practice growth has gone beyond her expectations. In fact, she has a cautionary tale for her fellow motivated lawyers about making sure you plan for your growth, and that you don’t bring in too many clients, too fast.

Amy was then able to strike a balance between her business development efforts, and her case management, streamlining her processes along the way. The results really speak for themselves because even though she launched her business during an economic downturn she now runs a staffed law practice with a 90% high engagement rate, works 35-40 hours a week with current revenue of $45,000 per month, and projected revenue of $63,000 by the end of the first quarter in 2022, growing to $95,000 by the end of the second quarter in 2022.

While measurable results like earning premium fees is a substantive way to measure her success, Amy stressed the importance of her non-monetary NLBM program results which have gone a long way toward supporting her goal to help people.

Opening Up to the Possibilities Leads to the Fulfilling Outcome

These days Amy finds her law practice choices to be truly limitless. She’s chosen the law practice model that’s right for her, and now this Dually-Licensed Lawyer is a respected “go-to” lawyer, with thriving practices in Texas and California providing the highest level of client service.

She’s finally found the flexibility she needs, so her life evolution and career evolution can be one and the same. The New Law Business Model offered Amy a blueprint for transforming her law practice. As she says, “This is a proven pathway to open you up to possibilities that you really didn't know existed, and that it can help put you in line with being your true version of you and not stuck in a version of yourself, just a smaller version or a constructed version of yourself."

And Amy is experiencing additional career growth with NLBM serving as a springboard providing even more opportunities for Amy to help others. She’s now gone a step further with her legal work and is advising other women entrepreneurs who want to start a new business. In this expanded part of her law practice, Amy is able to provide both the legal and financial pieces they need to create their own thriving businesses. Amy is looking forward to more possibilities on her career horizon building upon her NLBM training and work.

Amy’s initial outreach to the NLBM team got all her questions answered right away, and we’re here to do the same for you.

One of our Law Business Advisors will take the time to not only answer your questions, but help you customize an action plan that will help you transition from a stuck and unfulfilled lawyer to a reborn and renewed lawyer.