Every single thing I’ve ever accomplished, I’ve been able to do because I saw someone else do it first.

And I thought to myself: if s/he can do it, I can do it.

Today, I want to give that knowing to you.

If you haven’t listened in to Allen Christie and Blyss Cruz share their stories of what they’ve been able to do in this last year, please watch now -- fast forward to 21:21 in the video linked here.

Because if they can do it, so can you.

Whether you are brand new to us, or you’ve been with us for years, I want you to hear from Allen and Blyss because they may just be the inspiration or reminder you need to keep going.

It’s the very beginning of Q4, and the decisions you make this week are the determiners of the results you’ll have in 2023.

And the choices you make this week are what will determine where you are in 2025.

  • Want a million dollar law practice? You can create it by 2025. Without question.
  • Want to open the doors to your own law practice? You can do it starting in January (or even December, if you start now)
  • Want to have a consistent 25k/mo coming in? That can be your 2023, if you make the right choices this coming week.

So today, this Sunday, at the very beginning of Q4 2022, I want to support you to take the next steps into the life and law practice you deserve to have, wherever you are now.

Take some time today to watch what Allen and Blyss said about their journey with us at New Law Business Model, and whether you are considering becoming a Personal Family Lawyer or not, let their experience inspire you to your own best life.

Then, pull out your journal, and spend some time writing down what you really desire for your life.

Here’s what I can promise you … if you can dream it, desire it, and work up the willingness to write it down, you can create it.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it myself, and I’ve watched lawyer after lawyer after lawyer do it too.

The only thing in the way is your willingness to dream it, desire it, and take the next step toward it -- which starts with writing it down. 

And, listen, I know that your logical, left brain, smartypants self may not believe me. My own logical, left brain, smartypants self doesn’t believe most of what I’ve seen with my own eyes when it comes to creating a life I love.

That’s why I want you to hear directly from Allen and Blyss, and not believe me at all. Hear it from them, and let their experience inspire you to be willing to say yes to what you want your life and law practice to look like.

Then, if you’re already a Personal Family Lawyer, let their excitement about their progress inspire you to vision your reality for 2023 (and all the way through 2025) and bring that vision to your coach so you can work together to match your vision to your calendar + your cash flow forecast, and begin to bring that vision into reality.

As you know, it’s really that simple -- get clear on what you want, and then map your calendar + your goals to it so you take action every day on what matters, and let go of what doesn’t.

If you are not yet a Personal Family Lawyer, but you’ve been in one of our training programs in the past, imagine your life as a Personal Family Lawyer like Allen and Blyss, and write down exactly what you want your 2023 to look like … 

… how much do you want to work? How much do you want to earn? Who do you want to serve? What do you want to create?

Need more inspiration for your clarity? Watch the video with Allen and Blyss, and see the 3 practice models we can help you create -- from solo to staffed practice (part-time law baller is what I call it) to million dollar firm -- and decide what you want.

Then, schedule a call with a Law Business Advisor, and have a conversation with them about your path to creating exactly that. Please note: this call is designed to determine whether you can create what you desire as a PFL -- if you can, your LBA will map the path with you. If you cannot, your LBA will tell you that too, and give you other suggestions that may help you on your way.

But, please only schedule time with a LBA if you’ve already been in one of our trainings and you are clear you love Life & Legacy Planning and want to build a business around it so you can have a life and law practice you love.

If you have not been in any of our training programs yet, and are considering whether Life & Legacy Planning is for you, a few of our PFL member lawyers have time available to talk with you about their experience. Before you book time with one of them, please read all about Life & Legacy Planning on our new Personal Family Lawyer website, and see if you think it’s for you. 

And, then, head over to the New Law Business Model website to really consider whether you want to build a business using your law degree. 

And, if you do, then schedule time to talk with one of our PFL member lawyers who have been gracious enough to make time in their calendar to talk with you so that when we open enrollment in our programs again (probably in December) you’ll be ready.

No matter what you do, make this the day you claim your desire for a life and law practice you love. Because if you can dream it, and let yourself desire it, you can create it.

If we can do it, so can you. I’ve given you the path to your next steps. I hope to see you down the road.

In service to life, love and legacy (and you loving your law practice),