How to Do Estate Planning the Way Your Clients (and You) Actually Want

Some time ago, New Law Business Model hosted a webinar for the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division about 'Why Estate Planning is the Best Practice Model for Young Lawyers.' If you didn’t get to see it, you can watch that webinar here.

So, why is Estate Planning the best practice area for young lawyers – or any lawyer?

TL;DR version: Estate Planning is systematizable (you can serve more clients in less time and provide a “wow” service your clients will love), it’s flexible (you are in charge of your schedule and never stuck in a courtroom), it’s gratifying (you get to experience making a positive difference in your clients’ lives), and it’s lucrative.

Estate planning, when done in the right way, gives you the opportunity to build a successful and sustainable law practice, enjoy high career satisfaction, and impact the lives of your clients in a truly meaningful way.

During the presentation, we shared a new model of estate planning that is an entirely different way of doing estate planning. We call it Life & Legacy Planning. It’s a fancy, more specific name for the kind of estate planning your clients really, really want.

After the presentation, many viewers asked for more specifics and substantive guidance illustrating exactly what this model is and how they could do it.

How to do Estate Planning in a way you will love

Every adult, no matter how much money they have, or at what stage of life they are in, needs an estate plan of some sort. Helping your clients learn to face a potential incapacity and eventual death, and plan for it properly supports them to have a better life now, as you guide them through the most important decisions of their lives and ensure the people they care about are not left with a mess.

NLBM teaches lawyers how to shift their perspective of Estate Planning from simply drawing up basic legal documents to supporting their clients in creating a life worth living, and a legacy worth leaving.

To lay out the specifics for you in detail, I created a 15-page report that will show you exactly how to do estate planning in the way that your clients really want, and in a way that you will truly love.

Read the report on exactly how to do estate planning in the way your clients really want, here.

By the time you are finished reading, you’ll understand why and how the Life & Legacy Planning Model gives you a meaningful and authentic way of practicing law, so you enjoy being a lawyer, are deeply appreciated by your clients, have complete control of your schedule, and become the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be.