Why NLBM Lawyers Get Paid More Than Non-NLBM Lawyers ... And the REAL Impact (Greater Than Money)

We all know that legal services are being commoditized more and more. We see the new online Wills and Trusts and "Netflix of Law for Businesses" services popping up every day.

We know that there are 1.3M+ lawyers, and people have more choices than ever when it comes to who they are going to hire to handle their Will or Trust, or business entity setup, or whether they will just do it themselves.

We all know that lawyer down the road who is charging $1,500 for an estate plan, or $1,000 for an incorporation...

And, you wonder how you can compete.

Truth is, you can't. You cannot compete because that lawyer who is charging too little is not your actual competition.

LegalZoom isn't even your competition. You see, the clients who are going to use LegalZoom are not your clients.

Heck, that lawyer charging too little (maybe that's even you right now) is doing you a favor, really, because we all know the truth that they cannot possibly be providing a service that is any more than the documents that client can get online.

You know you cannot afford to deliver a truly meaningful estate plan charging $1,500 or even $2,000 and expect that plan to actually work for the family you are serving.

You know you cannot charge $1,500 for a business incorporation and expect that you'll be providing a true service more than that business owner could do for themselves using CorpNet.

The business model doesn't work. I've run the numbers every which way from Sunday, and we all know the truth - lawyers charging not enough are stuck with a lousy law practice and a dismal life. And their clients pay the price, often unknowingly, until it's too late.

NLBM lawyers get paid more because they understand this, and most importantly, they know how to convey this to their community, their prospects and their clients.

They know how to handle the inevitable emails and phone calls asking "how much for a will?"

This is why we teach this first and foremost in our core curriculum.

This is why we first focus on shifting the way you engage clients with our Family Wealth Planning Session and LIFT Business Breakthrough Session processes.

Because when you know how to engage clients at $3,500-$5,500 for an estate plan and $2,500 for a business service + $750 – $3,000/mo ongoing, you have what you need to create a law practice that can actually make a difference in your clients’ lives.

The real impact when NLBM lawyers get paid more for estate planning and business advising work is not just making more money, though that part is really great.

It's that they get to deliver legal services that they truly believe in and know make a real difference in their clients' lives. And that is everything.

When you know you are doing work that is truly meaningful, you are able to get hired by every client you meet with who needs your services. And you are no longer drained by long meetings with people who need to think about it, or who aren't sure...

You are fulfilled.
You are energized.
Your life as a lawyer makes sense.

If this is what you want, we can help you get there. It starts with talking to a Law Business Advisor to get your personal roadmap to – not just return on investment – but also the ripple of impact through every area of your life, based on where you are right now.

How long will it take?
What will the investment be?
How soon will you see a return?

What I can promise you, no matter where you are right now, is that if you want this, you can go into 2020 engaging clients you love to serve, and receiving fees you love to get paid, but only if you stop putting it off (the way you want your clients to stop putting it off), and take the first step toward creating the future you want now.