Pro Tips for Lawyers Working From Home

Tips for a More Fulfilling Experience for Lawyers Working From Home

New Law Business Model is a training company for lawyers with one-hundred percent of our team working from home for over 10 years now. Our team collaborates from California to Florida, the front range of Colorado, and even up into Canada, so we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to make it comfortable, healthy, productive, and even fun.

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Whether you've recently joined the ranks of lawyers working from home or have been doing it for years, these pro tips from the team at New Law Business Model will help you make the most of it:

Think Routine

If you were still going into an office every day you’d probably have a morning routine. You’d know what time to wake up, what time you needed to leave the house, and the exact steps you typically take to be prepared to meet the demands of the day and make it great.

Working from home, it might be tempting to throw that routine out the window since you don’t have to physically be present anywhere else ... but creating and maintaining a routine for yourself will ultimately be supportive of your long term happiness and productivity.

Tidy Up

Take 10 minutes to tidy up your space. Quick sweep, fluff the cushions, declutter your desk, etc. When you are surrounded by clutter, even if minor, it can easily become a distraction that keeps you from being productive.

"I always make my bed before I start work."

– Gretchen Lehman, Creative Manager



Feeling fresh and looking presentable, even if no one else will see you that day, is an easy way to help yourself feel your best and transition into the workday. No need to get fancy, but a shower or washing your face along with putting on fresh, comfortable clothes goes a long way.

"If you’ve got Zoom meetings scheduled and want to look extra fresh, try the ‘touch up my appearance’ setting for an effortless boost."

– Amanda Tarpening, Marketing Associate

Hot Beverages

Having something delicious to drink can make any hour of the day that much better, but it can be mission-critical in the mornings. Keep stocked on your favorite hot drink supplies, whether it's matcha with coconut milk, a variety of teas, or the classic cup of coffee, however you take it.

"I blend my coffee up with butter, MCT oil, and cinnamon."

– Ali Katz, NLBM Founder & CEO



When possible, give yourself 30 minutes at the start of your workday before you are available for meetings. This will support you being prepared to be fully present and reduce chances of missing something important due to an early morning mishap.

“Take breaks between each meeting – running meetings for 50 minutes (vs. 60 minutes) is helpful.”

– Karl Becker, Director of Sales

Minimize Distractions

Plug your phone in across the room with ringer up so you don’t miss a call, but you won’t be tempted to check your notifications more than you actually need to. Consider turning off unnecessary notifications entirely so your phone isn’t constantly chirping or blinking at you.

New Law Team Member Recommendations: Use your device settings to track your screen time usage to keep yourself honest about how often you’re picking up your phone for something other than a phone call.

Mind Your Body

Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll. Keep your body comfortable and supported, be mindful of your posture, and consider adding some movement to your workday. Many of our team members have installed stand up desks and cite them as a great way to stay in motion.

“I like to peddle on my under-the-desk cycling machine so I can get some movement while I work.”

– Susanna Maida, Law Business Advisor

"Music helps me recharge; I even take dance breaks. One of my go-to songs is Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac."

– Amy Jones, Member Experience Architect
& Core Program Coach

“I keep a Thera Cane, (my 'trigger point back massager stick') at my desk. I highly recommend it.”

– Allison Osborn, Director of Member Services
& Lead Coach

New Law Team Member Recommendations: If you hit a mid-afternoon slump, take a 5-minute yoga break or try a personal dance party to your favorite music.

Nourish Yourself

If you were working in an office, you might have to pack lunch or spend money to go out. Working from home, you get to skip the extra chore or expensive lunch bills, just make sure to stock up on delicious, easy to prepare foods to keep you nourished and charged.

“Be sure to have yummy snacks available and cold sparkling water!”

– Theo Tehrani, Law Business Advisor

New Law Team Member Recommendations: Keep supplies on hand to make yourself yummy snack plates and healthy lunches (think celery & peanut butter, nuts, sliced apples, veggies & hummus, your favorite sandwich makings, or salad supplies that can be thrown together in minutes).


Busy people often forget or put off drinking water. Drink your eight glasses of water!!!

“I like to get outside: go for a walk, lay in the sun, skateboard around my neighborhood, or spend time in my garden. Snacks and water also help fuel the day!”

– Monica DiCesare, Client Concierge and Coach Admin

New Law Team Member Recommendations: Freeze freshly squeezed lemon juice in an ice tray. Drop one in your glass of water for extra flavor.

Take Breaks

And that includes from electronics. Walk to get your mail, water your plants, or simply take a few minutes to stand up and stretch out your body.

“I love taking skateboard breaks with my dog to recharge … and, of course, tea time as needed.”

– Lindsey Walker, Client Services Concierge

New Law Team Member Recommendations:  Use a timer to break work down into intervals and prompt your taking short breaks.

Step Outside

Feeling a little cooped up? If the weather is favorable, consider spending a portion of your workday outdoors. Fresh air and a change of scenery from your home office can be quite enjoyable!

“I sit out on my porch to work when the weather is nice.”

– Amber Manning, Director of IT & Operations


Intentionally Transition to Home Time

  • Review what you will need to handle first thing in the morning
  • If you find yourself keeping lots of tabs open so you can come back to them later, consider using the chrome plug-in ‘OneTab’ to easily shut down for the day and open right back up with one click.
  • Shutdown the computer and get away from your home office. If you have a door to your office, close it.

New Law Team Member Recommendations: Do something to relax for a few minutes in between working and the rest of your day: Turn on music, go for a walk or quick workout, listen to a podcast you like, read for a few minutes, etc. Take a few minutes just for you.

We hope these tips will inspire lawyers working from home to make it an enjoyable experience.

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