The Top 10 Coolest Things New Law Business Model Lawyers Do in Their Spare Time

Entrepreneurial lawyers who have spare time!? That’s right, we said spare time...

A significant motivating factor for the lawyers New Law Business Model trains and serves is building not just a lucrative and fulfilling law practice, but one that allows them to simultaneously build a life they love.

We wanted to learn a little more about what our lawyers do in their spare time, so we asked. The answers and photos that our members shared with us were way too much fun to keep to ourselves. Here are the top ten coolest ones.

1. World Fitness Champion and Stand-up Comedian

“I lost 30lbs to become a world fitness champion and have done stand-up comedy and improv for the last ten years.”
— Pamela Maass Garrett

Watch Pam's Stand-up Routine

2. Stand-up Comedian and Comedy Law Podcast Host

“I’ve been a stand-up comedian for almost 8 years. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a bit and work with some of my favorite performers. I also have a comedy/law podcast called “Free Consultation” where we talk about how crazy the practice of law can be.”
— Nick Leydorf

Listen to Nick Leydorf's Podcast
Watch Nick's Stand-up Routine

3. Dungeons & Dragons Game Creation

“I am incredibly nerdy and am in the process of creating a Dungeons & Dragons game for my best friends. I have approximately 100 board games in my basement ranging from Monopoly to the most complex board game which I’ve invested hundreds of hours over the past two years and my group still hasn’t completed the game!” — Daniel Campen

4. Portrait Photographer and Baker

“I love photographing children and families. And making pretty things in the kitchen.”
— Kaycee Dean

5. Fly Fishing

“I love being on the river fly fishing.”
— Adam Hicks




6. Experimenting in the Kitchen

“I love to bake and cook fun dishes. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes for the things my husband grows from our garden. Here’s a cake I made for a friend’s baby shower. And in case you are wondering, yes, those are real olive branches from our olive tree.”
— Mandi Batsche


7. Socially Distant Tennis Lessons

“I’m currently monitoring a socially distant tennis lesson for my daughter in 98 degrees. At least we’re in shade and finally out of the house!”
Charlene L. Usher



8. Baking With Kiddos

“I love to bake with the kiddos. NLBM not only teaches you how to service your clients you want at the price you deserve but also how to time block your schedule to make time for family and create special memories.”
Jilian Alison


9. Playing Hooky and Going to Beach

“I love having the flexibility to take the day off and play hooky with my daughter. Just the other day we spent the entire day at the beach together.”
Debra Koven


10. Mountain Biking and Traveling

“I love mountain biking and traveling with my family.”
— Mandie Bullock

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