Case Study: Solo Practitioner Lawyer Unlocks Personal and Financial Freedom

Meet Taylor Haley. Taylor had what most would consider a fantastic life: she worked in the largest law firm in her town, had a great career track in front of her and a beautiful growing family. She was living the life she had expected she would, and doing what she had gone to law school to do: “helping others in ways they could not do themselves, as an advocate.”

However, there was still a lot missing and she was lacking a distinct sense of fulfillment. Taylor felt growing tensions between work and home life, and as her family grew she knew that she needed a change.

Taylor pondered whether becoming a solo practitioner lawyer would be a better fit for her life.

“I was dealing with clients in the most stressful of times in their lives which caused them to resent me. They viewed me as being part of the crisis, and I was charging them money to solve something that they did not want to be happening at all. It was a no-win situation.”

Add to that working in a traditional law firm where the only real product is the billable hour, and the focus isn’t on solving client problems, it is on churning files instead.

With the arrival of her fourth child, Haley decided to leave the big law firm and start her own law practice as a solo practitioner. However, as the time came to go back to work and dive back into the world of litigation, she just couldn’t do it. She didn't want the long nights at the office, the high-stress clients, or for her schedule to be at the mercy of the courts. Taylor knew it was time for a new season in her life, and once she began looking for other options she came across New Law Business Model.

Too Good To Be True?

While New Law Business Model (NLBM for short) did end up facilitating a major shift in Taylor's law practice and in her life, initially, she wasn’t that quick to jump on the bandwagon. When Taylor first heard about the transformations lawyers were experiencing in their lives and law practices because of NLBM, she didn’t believe it.

“As a lawyer, you are taught that you always need to be working more to earn more money. You leave law school and that is exactly the reality you face, so you end up incorporating it as a “given” in your life. To hear about all of these lawyers working flexible schedules, while still having a thriving practice, seemed too good to be true.”

Nevertheless, after some research and conversations with other NLBM-trained lawyers, Taylor took the leap of faith and never looked back. New Law Business Model's programs helped Taylor to shift her mindset around how to practice law, as well as start to think outside of the box and open up to new possibilities in both her practice and her life. 

“NLBM lawyers are fearless. It is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Most lawyers hold a lot of fear around stepping outside of the box, doing new things, making changes. Not NLBM lawyers, they embrace it and that is what makes all the difference.”

After learning how to approach law practice as a business and to connect with clients in a different way, Taylor became a competent and confident solo practitioner lawyer, and her fears around if having the life she wanted was actually possible, are gone.

When Taylor built her law practice in this way she was able to:

  • Reduce her office hours from 40 to 25, with every Friday off to be with her family
  • Decrease overhead and increase fees (from $2,000 to $3,000 average per client)
  • Remove the “time shackles” she had been chained to in the past
  • Create more ease in her life, and the freedom to prioritize her passions

“NLBM has given me more time with my family. We have more freedom to do things—at our farm or traveling. I have even started another business. I find that I have much less stress in my life.”

Unlocking Personal and Financial Freedom

Taylor is now about to experience another new and exciting pivot in her life. Financial freedom. Through New Law Business Model's programs she learned how to, step-by-step, create a solid and scalable law practice that is attracting attention. She is currently looking at selling it and venturing down new pathways she hadn’t previously considered because she never thought she would be in the place financially that would allow her to pursue other interests and bigger dreams.

“It has given me courage to try new things and embrace growth, personal and professional, without fear of not being perfect and knowing it all or having it all figured out ... I wouldn’t have been able to do it without NLBM.”

– Taylor Haley

New Law Business Model is here to support solo practitioner lawyers to build law practices and lives they love.

While every lawyer's story is different, lawyers like Taylor have been using the training, guidance, and resources from NLBM to build lucrative and fulfilling law practices for over twelve years, and we are hearing new success stories week in and week out. To get to know more lawyers who are practicing 'the NLBM way' and loving their lives and law practices as a result, join us in our Facebook community, The Lifestyle Lawyer's Club.

Through learning to practice law in the way that we teach at New Law Business Model— and mastering the business aspects of becoming a successful solo practitioner lawyer — they are discovering new horizons in their life, and successes they never imagined possible (or always knew they deserved).

Our lawyers keep proving it is possible—and it can be for you, too.

If you are a lawyer who would like to build a thriving law practice that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms, book a call with one of our Law Business Advisors today and discover what your clear path to change and a new reality could look like.

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