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How NLBM helped Taylor Haley redefine her sense of success and possibility

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Taylor Haley

A devoted mom and solo-practitioner lawyer, Taylor Haley is no stranger to stress and juggling lots of things at once. But with NLBMs help, she finally unlocked her full potential.


Not Quite Enough

Despite practicing law at the largest firm in town, Taylor found herself lacking a distinct sense of fulfillment. Taylor felt growing tensions between work and home life, and as her family grew she knew that she needed a change.

Taylor pondered whether becoming a solo practitioner lawyer would be a better fit for her life.


Balance Becomes Possible

After some research and conversations with other NLBM-trained lawyers, Taylor took the leap of faith and never looked back. New Law Business Model’s programs helped Taylor to shift her mindset around how to practice law, as well as start to think outside of the box and open up to new possibilities in both her practice and her life.

Taylor became a competent and confident solo practitioner lawyer, and her fears around if having the life she wanted was actually possible, disappeared.


No more choosing between family and work.

With the help of NLBM, Taylor reduced her office hours from 40 to 25, decrease overhead, increase fees up to $3,000 per client, and finally give her freedom over her own schedule. No more choosing between family and work.

Taylor Haley


“NLBM has given me more time with my family. We have more freedom to do things—at our farm or traveling. I find that I have much less stress in my life.”


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