Grow Your Mindset, Grow Your Law Practice

The importance of your mindset may not be anything new, but it means everything for your personal and professional success.

How to Get Clients as a Lawyer the Easiest, Fastest Way

Even if you are the smartest and most amazing lawyer in town, that hardly matters if you can’t find anybody who wants to hire you. Fortunately, the easiest, fastest way to find new clients isn’t a deep dark secret.

How to Price and Package Your Legal Services

Many attorneys believe that if they want to make more money, they have to work more hours. But what if there was a better way?

How to Build Your Virtual Law Firm as Solid as a Brick and Mortar

Get the 6 "must-dos" from experienced virtual lawyers that will help your virtual law firm thrive

Design a Law Firm Business Plan that Works for your Life

Your law degree is one of the most valuable resources you have, and with the right business plan, you can make the most of it—and build a law practice and a life that you love.


Love your law practice and your life.

Our online resource section provides timely advice and insight for lawyers growing their own practices who are ready to learn the New Law Business Model Way. We feature industry-leading business guidance from our founder Ali Katz, as well as case studies, webinars, and training that you can receive even before you become a member.

From our blog

Read articles from our team of coaches, mentors, and staff who are uniquely trained and skilled to transform lawyers into successful entrepreneurs who love their lives and law practices.

4 Steps to Generating Record-Breaking Law Practice Profits

Here’s Your Roadmap to Record-Breaking Profits!  Are you on track to meet your law practice goals for the year? And I’m not just talking about revenue goals. Even if you are meeting your revenue goals but your law practice is…

Reclaim Your Life & Freedom With Goal Based Time Management

Change your life by mastering your calendar Over the past month, how many special moments have you missed with your family because you were working? Make sure to include when you were physically there with your loved ones but your…

Unlocking Law Business Success: How to Fund Your Growth

Think Like an Investor. Redefine Risk. As a law business owner you have so many expenses. Paid advertisements Direct Mailers Software Office Space Website Maintenance Hiring support staff Continuing education… etc. etc. etc. It can be overwhelming. Trying to stretch…

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Discover PFL Webinar

Discover Personal Family Lawyer Masterclass

Hear how NLBM founder Ali Katz built her million dollar law practice AND got her life back (and you can too!)

Why Estate Planning

Why Estate Planning is the Surprisingly Best Practice Area Masterclass

Discover why so many lawyers are finding purpose and success in the practice of estate planning.


The New Law Business Model Revealed Book

Get the clear and proven frameworks and tools that every law practice needs to become a law business.

NLBM Book Resources

NLBM Book Companion Resources

The NLBM Book is packed with additional resources and tools for your practice.



PFLs and NLBM in the news

NLBM Founder, Ali Katz, was recently featured on the Podcast, "Wellness Mama" where she shared about Family Financial Planning + Freedom and Building Generational Wealth.

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David Feakes

David Feakes

Control your time and attention

"Because of NLBM, we work with clients only 3 days a week and are able to enjoy life. I am proof that it works."

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Will Stafford

Managing your mindset

"You have to go into it with a belief mindset that this works, if you work it properly, and if you work it as prescribed. So that’s what we did. We just implemented and implemented and implemented, and we saw our firm grow rapidly."

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Bethany Gilson

Providing a unique value

“There are other attorneys who dabble in Estate Planning, but there was nobody here holding themselves out as the Estate Planning attorney for the community. And I’ve never had an issue with finding clients or with the price I charge because people desperately need this education. They need this service.”


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