Reclaim Your Life & Freedom With Goal Based Time Management

Change your life by mastering your calendar

Over the past month, how many special moments have you missed with your family because you were working?

Make sure to include when you were physically there with your loved ones but your mind was stuck at work. How often does this happen to you?

If you're anything like most lawyers, you've missed out on far too much time with the people who matter most because of challenges with time management.

The key to turning your law practice into a business you love is found in how you handle your calendar. 

Imagine if you had 10-15 extra hours each week…

What would you do with that extra time?

Serve more clients and make more money…

Catch up on sleep…

Play with your kids…

Take a day trip to somewhere new…

Write that novel you've been dreaming about…

Go on more date nights with your spouse…

You don't have to imagine anymore. I want to help you make this your new reality.

That’s why today I’m going to show you how to use goal based time management to change your business and your life.

How you spend your time dictates your income and the quality of your life

When you don’t know how to manage your calendar you struggle to focus and you feel stressed and overworked. And by not managing your time properly you’re also limiting your income potential.

When you use our time management strategies, your earning potential grows exponentially depending on the practice model you choose.

Here's what your life can look like when you turn your law practice into a business and manage your calendar the way we teach at NLBM…

Solo Practice: Our time management strategies will easily allow you to meet with 4-6 clients a month. Our lawyers have an engagement rate of 80-100% at an average fee of $4,000+, so being able to meet with 4-6 clients a month will allow you to reliably make $16,000-$24,000/month.

Staffed Practice: With a Staffed Practice, you'll be able to meet with 8-12 clients a month, and with an engagement rate of 80-100% at an average fee of $4,000, you'll be able to consistently make $32,000-$48,000 a month.

7 Figure Firm: If you choose our 7-figure firm model, you'll be able to meet with 18+ clients a month, and with an engagement rate of 80%-100% at an average fee of $4,000 you'll be able to consistently generate $72,000+ a month.

Mastering your calendar will allow you to generate more revenue and still have free time to spend however you want.

Here’s how to use goal based time management to build a life and law practice you love.

1. Establish an activity hierarchy by category

This hierarchy may seem counterintuitive at first glance but putting self care first is crucial to ensuring you have the energy and well being to take care of your family and your business.

  • 1st: Self care – that is time you spend improving yourself with rest, learning, play, and other activities.
  • 2nd: Family – time spent with loved ones, friends, and others who you want to pour into and who pour into you.
  • 3rd: Income – your business activities. NOTE that we’re saying “income” – not any kind of work. This is about the activities that generate revenue, not that novel you’ve been tinkering with for the past two years.

2.  Leverage the 2 tiers of time blocking

  • Start with hours of the day
      • Schedule what activities you’ll do in each day—this is much more effective than using a “to-do” list; adding each task to your calendar sets aside the time to complete what you plan for the day
      • Pro tip: work with your energy – when are you at your most productive and engaged
  • Next days of the week
  • Schedule out what activities you’ll do only on certain days. Ex: Mondays & Tuesdays for new client meeting days, Weds & Thurs for client work, Friday’s for working on the business. 

3. Plan “Reactive Time”

Inevitably things come up during the day that you haven’t planned to do. A client calls and needs something, etc.

Rather than changing your plans for the day, and risking not getting something done, plan “Reactive Time” into each day so you can fit unexpected things in. When a client calls and says, “I need X, can you get it to me this week?” you can say, “Yes. I can get that to you by Thursday at 4:30.” And deliver every time!

Your clients will be impressed, and it will create further trust and connection with them. Just this one simple change can help transform your business and your life.

Kim Rockwood Personal Family Lawyer + NLBM Senior Law Business Advisor and Success Coach, used our goal based time management strategies to transform her life and her business. And now she helps our member lawyers do the same. 

After leaving a chaotic construction litigation career for what she hoped would be the more systematized and streamlined world of EP, Kim still struggled with managing her time and trying to figure out how to get enough clients without burning out before she found NLBM. She began to wonder if she had ADD or ADHD because it was just so hard to focus. But once she started implementing the time management strategies that you just learned she was able to take her law practice from generating $500/month to $40,000/month in just one year all while dealing with complex personal and family matters.

These are the insider secrets we share with our lawyers to help them create a life and law business they love. If you become a Personal Family Lawyer (PFL), you’ll discover how to offer a high value service you love to deliver. You’ll learn a system for practicing law in a way that is truly fulfilling financially, emotionally, and spiritually and makes you proud of the lawyer you’ve become. If you don't want to go it alone, and would love to build your law practice into a real business with an 80%+ engagement rate and $4,000-$6,000 per engagement—whether you are a solo, small/staffed practice or building to a million or more—using Life & Legacy Planning as a Personal Family Lawyer®…you can speak with a Law Business Advisor (LBA) from my New Law Business Model team. 

  • Your first step is to apply for a call with an LBA here.
  • You’ll be taken to video where I will walk you through how her proven model works and what to expect on your call
  • Finally, you'll be asked to answer a series of questions to help you get the most value from the call, and then you’ll choose a time to speak with a Law Business Advisor, at a time that works for you. 

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