Law Business Advisors: You Talk. They Listen. Together You Make Plans

Law Business Advisors are your go-to resource for getting your questions answered about everything from program cost, process, outcomes as you explore whether the New Law Way is right for you.

Well, here you are. You’ve been tooling around the website, looking at the various resources we offer, mulling over membership, and you think you may be ready to give the New Law Business Model a try. Maybe.

Moving From Questions to Solutions
Does it feel as though the more vetting you do the more questions you have? That’s where our Law Business Advisors (LBAs) come in. They LOVE answering questions. (And they get a lot of questions.) When you connect with them they’ll get into program specifics like pricing, and how long it takes to go through the modules. Maybe you’re wondering about some of the same things as other prospective members.

If you’ve been receiving any of our NLBM emails for the myriad of energizing Masterclasses we offer, then you’ve read a little bit about how our Law Business Advisors can help you. These are the (LBA) faces behind the Book a Call button.

Our Law Business Advisor Team
Lindsey Walker                 Scott DeStephanis               Susanna Maida

Our LBAs are friendly “no pressure” people who are really good at helping you explore what you want to create, and how to go about achieving your goals.

When you connect with them they learn a little bit about your practice; what’s working, what’s not. Law Business Advisors help you gain clarity. They help you transition from selling documents to providing a valued service that will transform how you show up in the marketplace.

What exactly do LBAs talk to you about?

It begins with mindset which, by the way, is the subject of our blog Grow Your Mindset, Grow Your Law Practice that you're likely to find pretty helpful as you move forward. Here’s an overview for you.

Money is also a big part of the conversation. They do some “back of the cocktail napkin” work strategizing with you by using something we call money math, that lets you know what your financial possibilities really can be.

The Focus is On You
When you talk to an LBA it’s not a sales call, it’s an exploration. LBAs are experts in guiding you through the fact-finding phase that can put you on the path to building your successful law practice.

They know what systems work, and they act as a sounding board as you figure out whether NLBM is the right program for you. Member Lawyers like Erica Endyke have found LBAs to be an invaluable point of contact. When Erica was considering the program she thought, “It's a risk, obviously, but it's an investment that I think is worth it. And I did it. It didn't take long. It was Scott that I talked to first,” and then she joined NLBM about a week later.

Where You Lead LBAs Will Follow

Maybe you’re stuck in the wrong practice area, stuck in the wrong practice model, or stuck serving the wrong clients. Law Business Advisors have loads of samples and examples. Even better? They’ll help you get unstuck. This is when our Law Business Advisors really shine.

When you schedule time to chat with an LBA, part of that time is allocated to finding additional time in your schedule by providing you with strategies like time-blocking, so you can build in time to do the work, making your investment of time and money worthwhile.

After reading about how our LBAs can help you, maybe you have even more questions than you started with. Great!

But let’s start with one big essential question for you.

What Happens If You Don’t Make a Change Now?

Then nothing will change. It’s time to take action on this vision. It’s really about clarifying what you want. LBAs absolutely can help you with that. Go ahead and reach out to them sooner rather than later. There’s no time like the present to take action.