Ali Katz Named Among '100 Powerful Women of 2020' by Entrepreneur Magazine

Ali Katz, NLBM Founder, honored among the '100 Powerful Women of 2020' by Entrepreneur Magazine

The October 2020 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine features its second annual ‘100 Powerful Women’ list, which showcases compelling female business owners who are leaders, innovators, and changemakers in their industries.

We are beyond excited and proud to announce that New Law Business Model Founder and CEO, Ali Katz, is included in this list of game-changing women in business!

“I am honored that featured me and my work in the legal industry on their 100 Powerful Women in 2020 list. The power of lawyers in the lives of families and business owners is generally underestimated, and I am grateful to have the opportunity for more people to truly understand how important great legal counsel can be in their lives.” – Ali Katz

Since sharing this new way to practice law, the demand from lawyers who are seeking to change how they run their own practices has continued to rise. In fact, New Law Business Model has grown into a company with 45+ supporting staff, that recently made the Inc. 5000 for the 3rd time in a row, with 3-year revenue growth of 154.34%.

So what is so innovative about this New Law Business Model and the systems that Ali Katz developed?

The following is an excerpt from Entrepreneur’s article:

Ali Katz thinks the motivations for lawyers are all wrong. “We’re financially incentivized to make things as complicated as possible,” she says. “The more complex they are, the more we get paid.” She was once part of the problem, but when she opened her own practice, she developed a better way: working with clients as an ongoing adviser, rather than someone who reacts to immediate needs. It helped her head off problems before they began, saving clients money and her time. That was in 2006, and the method has since evolved into New Law Business Model, a training system to help estate planning and business lawyers escape the billable-hour-obsessed model. Revenue will hit $5 million this year. “We’re teaching lawyers to be business owners,” she says. “Part of that is having systems that allow you to meet the needs of clients without being on call all day, every day.”

The law business model and systems developed by Ali Katz, along with the guidance and support around the implementation thereof, enable lawyers to own their time and use their law degree in a way that makes a positive impact in their clients’ lives. This results in happy lawyers and grateful clients—and that is revolutionary!

Thanks to Ali Katz’s innovation and powerful leadership...

New Law Business Model has now trained over 2,600 lawyers to build lucrative and fulfilling law practices. If you are a lawyer who would like to learn more about this new way to practice law, download and read Ali’s Unconventional Guide for Creating Next-Level Estate Plans to get started.

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Law school taught you to think like a lawyer. New Law Business Model™ teaches you to think and work like an entrepreneur, build a thriving law practice, and love being a lawyer again.