A Former Corporate Lawyer Becomes His Best Boss

How NLBM helped Will Stafford build the kind of practice he always wanted to work at.

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Will Stafford

Will Stafford left big law to start his PFL firm, consistently producing over $30,000 per month in revenue after just his first six months of membership with New Law Business Model, achieved over $410k in his 2nd year, and is now off to a great start for a $750k+ year.


Facing Burnout

When Will started practicing law in 2009, he decided to focus on Corporate Law, but quickly he found himself feeling overworked and under-inspired. As with so many young lawyers, the rigor and demand of 50- and 60-hour work weeks left him disenchanted with his current state, and wondering what else might be possible.


NLBM Grows The Numbers And The Practice

In the summer of 2020, Will enrolled in the New Law Business Model program. NLBM taught him the essentials he needed to begin the process of leaving his old law firm.

He put together a plan to quit his job at the beginning of January 2021, and immediately transition into his new practice using NLBM as his guide.


Will earned just over $250,000 in his first year!

Will’s monthly revenue is $20,000­­­­­ – $30,000, and he earned just over $250,000 in his first year. In his 2nd year he grew to over $410k, and he’s already off to a great start for achieving his goal of $750,000 for his third year. Along with his outstanding revenue numbers, Will’s close rate is a jaw-dropping 96%.

Will Stafford


“NLBM is a framework within which you can build a practice that completely melds the practice you want, with the kind of lifestyle you want. Get out from being stuck floundering around. NLBM allows you to focus on what does work, and what’s proven to work.”


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