Leaving Biglaw to Build Her Empire

Shane Jasmine Young finally realizes her dream practice

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Shane Jasmine Young

Shane is a driven, highly successful lawyer from Nevada who used NLBM to recraft her practice after nearly 10 years.


Striking Out on Her Own

When she first launched Young Law Group, Shane was what we call “a door lawyer” dealing in personal injury, corporate and business law, but also handling family law, criminal law, employment, and immigration… in other words, taking nearly any case that came through the door. Six months after opening her firm, Shane knew that she needed systems–and to focus her energy–if her new practice was going to thrive. Shane was already an outstanding lawyer, but she didn’t yet know how to run her law firm to get the best results.

Shane trained in advanced connection and communication skills

Shane became interested in NLBM in January of 2018, and two months later joined membership with NLBM. She then attended our in-person intensive that June, “C4”, for advanced training in connection and communication skills for lawyers and fully adopted the NLBM system into her practice.

Shane increased her revenue by 25%

With NLBM’s help Shane adopted flat-fee billing, charging $4,500 per plan. She increased her revenue by 25%, and build a 95% engagement rate. Even better, she’s finally running a practice whose success matches the incredible talent she possesses.

Shane Jasmine Young


“NLBM has so many resources to help attorneys enjoy practice and building the type and level of law practice desired.”


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