A Seasoned Estate Planning Lawyer Learns a New Way to Practice Law

How NLBM helped Robert Galliano increase his fees 1,000%, regain love for his law practice, and eventually sell it for $1M.


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Robert Galliano

Robert Galliano is an estate planning attorney with 25+ years experience who leveraged NLBM’s training program to build a thriving law practice and sell it for a 7 figure payout.


Too Seasoned to Learn a New Way

Robert’s many years of experience in estate planning led him to believe that there was no way a younger, less experienced lawyer (Ali Katz) could teach him anything, let alone an entirely new way to practice estate planning. He drafted simple wills for $500 and took whatever clients he could get including bankruptcy and divorce cases. 

But reality struck when he realized he no longer loved law and that he was going to have to close his practice if things didn’t change. 


A Total Transformation

Robert finally opened a NLBM email after years of ignoring them. He decided to give the program a chance because the only alternative was shutting down his law practice. So, as a last ditch effort to save his practice he enrolled to become a Personal Family Lawyer®.


A $1M Pay Out

Robert’s experience and skills coupled with his commitment to the NLBM program allowed him to transform his life and his law practice. Within just a few months of joining the program Robert was able to restructure his services and his engagement system, increase his fees 1,000%, and achieve an 100% engagement rate—serving clients he loves. He then went on to sell his law practice for a $1M pay out.

Robert Galliano


“What attracted me to the program was all the tools and lessons and then being able to implement it. the coaching really is the secret sauce that puts it all together because it allows you to stay focused to see those blind spots that you don’t understand are in your way. There are so many different things throughout the coaching process that have helped me.”


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