Finding Life After Litigation

How NLBM helped Marc Garlett move from litigation to more peaceful, rewarding life

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Marc Garlett

Marc Garlett is a Southern California Lawyer where he runs his successful practice, and is a husband and father to two small children.


Not Finding What He Sought

When Marc had his children, he began looking for an estate planning attorney to take care of his family, but he couldn’t find anyone who “got” what he wanted to do – protect and pass his interpersonal legacy just as much as his financial assets – or who gave him the confidence they were not going to be the same old kind of lawyer that he hated dealing with for his business.

As Marc was dissatisfied while exploring the estate planning options for his own family, he found the New Law Business Model and enrolled in the NLBM Program.

Through doing his family’s estate plan as part of the NLBM Training, Marc realized that his calling was to help other parents have a great experience with estate planning and decided to make this the focus of his law practice – while ensuring his own family was the focus of his life.
After joining NLBM, Marc was able to increase his revenue by 100%, as well as cutting his work hours down from 55 hours a week to just 35. Best of all, he gets to help parents (like himself) plan well for their family’s future and find peace of mind in doing so.
Marc Garlett


“I get to arrange my schedule the way I want it, in a way that works for me, and the way that gives me the most flexibility to spend that time with my family. And it’s awesome – I love that part the best.”


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