A General Practitioner Finds her Calling

How NLBM helped Bonnie Faucett find a life and clientele she loved

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Bonnie Faucett

Bonnie is the highly skilled solo-practitioner and entrepreneur whose training with NLBM finally helped her realize her full potential.


General Practice Turns To a Dead End

After graduating receiving her J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law, Bonnie worked in a large litigation firm for a year before starting her own law practice in 2008.

She served as a general practitioner and handled cases across a broad spectrum including family law, real estate, corporate, contract, and litigation. But five years in, as the due date of her first child was drawing near, Bonnie was working long hours for litigation clients and found that this work left her physically and mentally exhausted. She needed a change.


The Work and Structure She Needed

Just a few days before Bonnie had her first daughter, she found the solution she was looking for with New Law Business Model.

She started her membership with NLBM and immediately began implementing the systems and processes that allowed her to turn a complete 180° in the effectiveness of her solo law practice. Bonnie focused her efforts and transitioned to serving only estate planning clients.

In just 6 months, Bonnie was engaging 50% more clients than ever before in her solo law practice—and she increased her revenue by 900%. Bonnie was finally experiencing the clients she served being respectful of her time, and genuinely appreciative of the value in her services.
Bonnie Faucett


“At my fingertips, by joining NLBM and being an NLBM attorney, I have a transformational way to serve my clients beyond typical interactions and beyond documents-focused type service. That changed everything. It transformed my law practice, and my life.”


Now it's your turn

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