Trailblazing NLBM Lawyer Launched Second Career at the Same Time as Her NLBM Journey

How NLBM helped Bethany Gibson begin her career again.

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Bethany Gilson-Casey

Bethany Gilson wanted to have a second career after starting a family. She wanted a business model with a practice area that gave her the ability to control her income and be an active part of her young children’s busy schedules. She found it with Personal Family Lawyer.


Starting A New Practice

Having worked in the healthcare technology industry for eight years before law school, Bethany knew she enjoyed working in healthcare and, more than that, she liked helping people. But how to get her new law practice started, and doing the things she wanted with the people she loved?


Starting Sooner Rather Than Later With NLBM

Being a thorough lawyer, Bethany continued researching NLBM, staying connected by following social media pages and listening to more webinars. Only a short time passed when she decided to reach out to NLBM with state-specific questions related to her future law practice.

Not only did she get all of her questions answered, but she also learned how she could access more information about the ins and outs of state laws. She eventually joined NLBM in 2019.


Setting Up a Law Practice While Following Her Bliss

Currently, although she’s averaging about $50,000 a month in revenue, even when she wasn’t aiming for this particular goal, she managed to log in a few $10,000 days.

Bethany Gilson-Casey


“NLBM can help you build a practice that you love, that fits your lifestyle. You can create your own economy, your own income, and your own measurements for what type of money you want to earn, and the choices are up to you.”


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