Ali Katz on Salem Radio



What to leave for the people you love.

I was recently interviewed on Salem Radio Dallas, TX with host Gordon Griffin about “What to Leave for The People You Love”. The most important thing when it comes to protecting our family’s assets is actually not the three legal documents that every adult needs to have, but it is that we have created an inventory of our assets and we’ve left behind instructions on how to find those assets, where they are, what to do with them, and then ideally as well a trusted advisor to help our family make the right decisions during a time of grief and stress. A trusted advisor is the best resource to leave to the people you love. Somebody who knew you while you were living, knew what you wanted, and helped you to create the right legal documents, and keep them up to date through your life. The right legal documents – a will, a healthcare directive, and a power of attorney for all adults – those are easy to create. Just google it. But someone who can be there to help your family with them, that’s priceless. Find your Personal Family Lawyer here.

Listen here.