The following 6 values embody our desired culture and serve as a compass for our own behavior, as well as for those we serve.

1. Integrity

We do what we say we are going to do, and we own our errors and shortcomings when they happen, taking full responsibility to respond to all situations with maturity.

2. Solution Oriented

We love contributing to a healthy culture of positivity, and therefore we always bring a possible solution or two to the table, especially when there’s a pressing issue.

3. Committed

We are deeply committed to our client’s success, and will match their commitment to the program with 100% dedication, every single step of the way.

4. Empathetic

We honor everyone’s different backgrounds, personality types, and experiences, and therefore actively seek to both understand all perspectives and practice compassion.

5. Authentic

We embrace individual uniqueness, and give our clients the space to speak from the heart, and to truly connect with each other and NLBM staff on a real level — meeting each person where they are.

6. Evolving

We insist on a personal commitment to our own growth and to empower that in our clients, and as such, we are curious, agile, disciplined, dimensional and self-reflective.

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