A Law Practice You Love.
For Families & Businesses.

Be the go-to relational lawyer for small business owners in your community

Imagine being empowered—and having the support and training you need—to transform your law practice into one that allows you to leverage your law degree for better client service by providing high-level service to families and business owners.

The LIFTed Business Advisor Program is your first step in this transformational journey.



Big companies employ in-house counsel to identify missed opportunities, evaluate the health of the business, and create plans to mitigate risks and build on opportunities.

While small business owners may not be able to hire in-house general counselors…

They still need that same level of support from a trusted advisor who seeks to understand their values, goals, desires...


They need you.

Introducing The LIFTed Business Advisor Program

A program designed to support Personal Family Lawyers who want to serve small business owners in a strategic, holistic, and long term relational manner.

The LIFTed Business Advisor Program will help you move away from being:

  • Tied to the billable hour
  • Trapped by an impossible schedule
  • Relegated to soulless one-off transactions netting you lower fees (and an even lower morale)

The LIFTed Business Advisor Program will help you:

  • Become a lifelong, trusted strategic business advisor
  • Serve more clients in an on-going relational way
  • Grow and adapt your services and fees to meet the growth stages and needs of business owner clients

This Is For You If You...

Have a desire to help bring business owners' visions come to life

Believe in the power of the Personal Family Lawyer model, and how relational law can empower business owners

Have previous experience serving business owners or you're willing to commit to learning how

Are ready to implement business planning into your firm

If all of the above are true...

It makes sense to apply to join the LIFTed Business Advisor Planning Program immediately!

What's Included:

We help you lay the foundation of knowledge and law practice systems for attracting, engaging and servicing business owner clients in a predictable and profitable way. 


In the LIFTed Business Advisor Program, you'll gain access to:
Done-for-your mareketing resources and presentations

Time-saving Done-For-You Marketing Resources

  • Weekly ready-to-publish articles to attract, grow, educate, nurture, and help turn leads into clients and re-engage past clients
  • Weekly Social Media graphic templates and copy+paste captions to build brand awareness, online authority, and educate your community
  • Community educating presentations that convert (Don’t reinvent the wheel - we supply lawyer-tested presentations, slide decks, notes, and event promotion resources
  • DFY Fee Schedule and engagement agreements to make sure you're getting paid what you're worth

Live group coaching and guidance from our expert Lawyer Mentors

You will benefit greatly from the expert guidance of our Law Mentors, a team of Personal Family Lawyer® firm owners who have been where you are now and can guide you in your journey.

You can ask technical legal questions and get feedback from our Law Mentors on live group coaching calls and in our member Forum.

Live group coaching
Legal Business Foundations Bootcamp

BONUS: LIFTed Business Advisor Curriculum

Learn to atract and engage small business owners at any stage of their journey.

Whether you have little-to-no background in serving business owners or you’ve been serving them for years, you’ll learn to attract, engage, and serve business owner clients with a host of holistic service options:

  • Module 1: The Path to Becoming a LIFTed Business Advisor Embark on a transformative journey. Shift your mindset to deliver exceptional value.
  • Module 2: Legal Foundations for Advisors Master essential legal business foundations for your clients
  • Module 3: The Path To Serving Business Clients Understand the client journey via the 3 Phases of business ownership from startup to exit.
  • Module 4: Mastering Client Engagement Uncover the art of the LIFT Business Breakthrough Session to engage new clients.
  • Module 5: Strategic Pricing & Packaging Learn strategic pricing and packaging models, incorporate experts' fees, and create tailored service packages.
  • Module 6: Attract Business Clients for Life Learn to attract, educate, and engage clients using our done-for-you marketing materials and presentations.

Meet Your Team of Experts

Meet a few of our NLBM experts representing our NLBM Lawyers and Coaches at large. Every day we enjoy working with lawyers just like you who want to build a law practice—and life—they love. One of our most noteworthy program benefits is the fact that our supportive team of experts are your supportive team of experts.


Ali Katz

CEO & Founder

Ali is not just our CEO and Founder, but creator of the LIFTed Model for serving business owners holistically. You get to learn directly from Ali on how to build a 6-7-figure recurring revenue stream serving businesses (and their CEOs and Founders).

Untitled design (1)

Denise Gosnell

Law Business Mentor

Denise Gosnell uses the LIFTed Model to serve 10 private clients at $5k/mo each generating $600k/year in just 10-15 hours per week. She's also a registered patent attorney with a unique blend of talents in technology, publishing, and law and the author of several books.



Law Business Mentor

AJ Yolofsky is a Personal Family Lawyer, entrepreneur, and former Marine. He helps entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners protect their wealth and legacies. He also volunteers his time and resources to charitable organizations and seeks to make a positive impact on the world around him.

Member Spotlight

How Personal Family Lawyer Todd Jarvis never looked back when he left the traditional law practice model behind, embracing the opportunity to serve families and businesses at a higher level.

"I didn’t want to bill hourly anymore and I wanted to have long term relationships with the business owners and families that I worked with – no more one-shots. LIFTed Business Advisor Program was the answer

– I didn’t have to create the model, it already existed and came with a full support network and mentors."

-Todd Jarvis, Personal Family Lawyer with a strategic business focus

Personal Family Lawyer Todd Jarvis

You Might Be Wondering...

Here's What Our Personal Family Lawyers Are Saying:

From Burned Out to Excited:

Before NLBM I was burned out and thinking of leaving the law completely to become a life coach.

Now, I love my law firm and my law practice. My clients are wonderful to work with and super grateful. I feel like I am making a difference, and have better work-life balance.

I feel confident and excited about what the future holds, which wouldn't have been possible without NLBM.

Personal Family Lawyer Pam Maas


Personal Family Lawyer Marc Garlett


Proud Father and Firm Owner:

I’m in charge of my schedule. I'm at my kids' school many days, and I get to participate in all their activities…and with the NLBM way of doing estate planning, I know I'm an integral part of the solution for many wonderful families.

I had a 100% increase in revenue in the first year, and I am building a practice I love and am proud of.

A 6-Figure Practice In His First Year:

I was a commercial litigator for 12 years... I had made other firms plenty of money, but this time I was going to invest in myself. I'm in my 3rd year of (my corporate and estate planning) practice. I've never been happier with the practice.

I'm a stronger advisor to my clients. Importantly, I created a 6 figure practice in year one...because of the NLBM skills.

Personal Family Lawyer AJ YOLOFSKY


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The LIFTed Business Advisor Program Includes