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Law Practice.

Law school didn’t train you how to use your law degree to create a business you love, but we will. The Life & Legacy Planning Program is our core training to give you the foundations of a real business you can count on no matter what: a high value service offering you’ll love to deliver, a client intake and engagement process your prospects and referral sources will love, and the absolute confidence to know you can never be replaced by technology or even comparable to the lawyer charging far less than you for wills and trusts.

Lawyers aren’t happy practicing law the traditional way.

Whether you’re a law student, a new lawyer looking to launch an estate planning practice, or a seasoned lawyer in any practice area we can get you to your happy place. How? By introducing you to our law practice model that allows you to practice the law you love while enjoying a completely integrated life that goes well beyond work-life balance. Now that’s a recipe for happiness.

It doesn’t have to be another bad day of lawyering.

Are you tired of being tied to the billable hour or too low of flat fees? Disheartened by having to take every client and case that walks through the door? Exhausted by the long hours that don’t energize you, but rather demoralize you? We get it. We can help. To begin with, we’ll train and support you in these areas.

Cash Flow Planning

Calendar Management

15-Minute Intake Process

Family Wealth Planning Session

Pricing and Packaging Model

Fee Quoting System

Raving Fan Client Service

Personal Family Lawyer Differentiator

Support So You Don’t Quit

Throw the traditional law practice model
out the window.

You’ve just signed up for the Life and Legacy Planning Program. What happens now?


Connect with our team who will give you program access

You’ll gain access to our program materials plus receive a welcome call from our team within 24 (business) hours.


Meet one-to-one with a Member Success Coordinator

Your orientation scheduling link allows you to book one-to-one time right away with a Member Success Coordinator who will talk about your next steps.


Receive an “Old School” mailed welcome package

It’s true. You read that right. Via the U.S. mail you’ll receive a welcome package that includes numerous goodies like client engagement scripts and a copy of our book, Wear Clean Underwear.

The Life & Legacy Planning Program Includes

Our core training for engaging 100% of the people who need your services and you meet with through our proprietary, proven Life & Legacy Planning Process at fees that range between $2k-$8k (average $4,500) while providing a truly impactful estate planning service that your community wants and needs.

90-days of coaching with our Law Business Mentors to support you in learning to engage and serve your clients with our Life & Legacy Planning process.
Your 90-day Membership gives you access to our “members only” podcast with our very best laser coaching snippets you can access on the go plus years of coaching archives to access the answers to any question you could possibly have.

Your 90-day access offers you three (3) one-to-one coaching sessions with our expert estate planning attorney mentors. These NLBM-trained lawyers share their law practice and business experience with you.

We know the biggest risk to your success is that you just won’t do the program. That’s why your 90-days of membership support give you access to ongoing coaching and accountability through regular group office hours. But, even more important than that, you can trust that we’re tracking your progress and will follow up with you if you fall behind. We’ll also get you the support you need to keep going when you want to quit.

Your 90-day Membership gives you 24/7 access to our other Member Lawyers, Lawyer Mentors, and NLBM team members in real-time via multiple channels, including our Member’s Only Forum and private Facebook groups. Best news: we have the best, most collaborative and supportive lawyers in the world as part of our community. You’re going to love them.

Talk to a Law
Business Advisor

Do you have some questions, or just want to talk a little bit about the NLBM program?

Our Law Business Advisors are ready, willing, and able to help you get the information you need.

Your Team of Experts.

Meet a few of our NLBM experts representing our NLBM Lawyers and Coaches at large. Every day we enjoy working with lawyers just like you who want to build a law practice—and life—they love. One of our most noteworthy program benefits is the fact that our supportive team of experts are your supportive team of experts.

Ali Katz

CEO & Founder


Bonnie Faucett

Director of Product


Allison Osborn
Director of Member Success
& Lead Coach

Rod Williams

Law Business Success Coach


Ali thrives on empowering other lawyers to build the law practices—and lives—they’ve always envisioned. Over the past decade and a half, she has overseen the training of more than 3,030 lawyers in the New Law Business Model program.

Bonnie ran a highly successful law firm the NLBM way, and now is the Director of Product for New Law Business Model. Her specialty is helping Personal Family Lawyers with the technology platforms needed to automate the NLBM practice systems.

Allison has spent the last 15 years immersing herself in the world of coaching, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. In her current role at NLBM she works closely with both our NLBM Member Lawyers and our team of coaches to ensure everyone has access to all of the tools and support they need.

As a certified Life Coach and Fitness Trainer Rod came to NLBM knowing how to empower clients by creating—and strengthening—their positive mindset. He enjoys supporting and coaching lawyers as they experience the transformation that allows them to build businesses and lives they love.

How formerly stressed-out mom and NLBM Member Lawyer Jill Gregory built a lucrative practice fueled by the systems, tools, and guidance from the New Law Business Model.

As I incorporated the system and tools into my practice, I was blown away with the results each step of the way. With systems in place (turns out I LOVE systems), I stopped answering my phone and being pulled in a million directions each day, my appointments are scheduled without my involvement, I get paid upfront, and my clients are very well taken care of, not only during the planning process but well into the future.

 Jill Gregory, NLBM Member Lawyer

New Law Business Model Lawyers: In Their Words

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