Estate Planning Course: Master Your Estate Planning Service with NewLaw

The Ultimate Estate Planning Bootcamp Course: Elevate Your Law Practice Into a Business You Love

In the dynamic world of law, the realm of estate planning holds a pivotal role, encompassing the crucial facets of legacy planning, asset protection, and personal peace of mind for clients.

Continuing  education in this specialized field not only broadens an attorney’s scope of expertise but also sharpens the acumen required to navigate its complexities. Recognizing the profound value of lifelong learning, New Law Business Model provides a comprehensive estate planning course designed to transcend the traditional boundaries of legal education. 

Our Life and Legacy Planning Bootcamp (formerly the NewLaw Estate Planning Bootcamp and the Client Engagement System courses) teaches lawyers who are both brand new to estate planning, and existing estate planning practitioners who desire to uplevel their service offering so they have a truly differentiated service model that is not at risk of competition from AI, online legal document drafting or “cheap legal.”

Course Curriculum Overview

Fundamentals of Estate Planning

The journey begins with a solid foundation about the essentials of estate planning. This segment covers the broad spectrum of basic concepts, including wills, trusts, power of attorney, and healthcare directives. It serves as both an introduction for newcomers and a refresher for experienced practitioners, ensuring all participants share a common understanding of the core principles.

Best of all, in our fundamentals of estate planning, we don’t just teach about the 4 standard documents just about everyone needs, but the components of what it actually takes to create planning that works to keep people and their families out of court and out of conflict. When lawyers learn estate planning, it’s critically important that you learn how to differentiate your service model from an estate planning documents focused plan, and that includes shifting the way you price your services, and also shifting what you deliver. 

If your training only focuses on the difference between a trust and a will, or when a client needs a trust or a will, you will not be providing anything more than what trust& or legalzoom are able to provide. Ultimately, documents-only estate plans will fail when a family needs it most because that plan won’t be kept up to date as life changes, the law changes or assets change.

Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Building on the basics, the estate planning course delves into sophisticated planning techniques aimed at addressing the complex needs of diverse clients. Topics include tax-efficient transfer of assets, charitable giving strategies, special needs planning, planning for the unique needs of blended families, singles, growing young families, and international estate planning. This section is designed to equip lawyers with the skills necessary to offer nuanced advice tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.

Legal Technology and Tools

In today’s digital age, proficiency in legal technology and tools is indispensable. This module explores the latest software and platforms that are transforming estate planning practices, from estate plan drafting document automation to virtual client consultations. Participants will gain hands-on experience with these technologies, learning how to enhance efficiency and accuracy in their legal services.

Practical Applications

Case Studies and Real-World Applications

The theoretical knowledge acquired from the coursework is cemented through the analysis of real-world case studies. These examples highlight the intricacies and challenges of estate planning, providing insights into effective strategy formulation and client management.

Interactive Workshops and Simulations

True learning often occurs through doing. The course offers interactive workshops and simulations that mimic real-life scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in controlled environments. These practical exercises are invaluable for honing problem-solving skills and building confidence in handling complex estate planning matters.

Career Advancement

How This Course Can Enhance Your Legal Career 

Beyond merely expanding your legal knowledge, which you could achieve with CLEs or by getting an LLM, this course opens doors to significant career advancement opportunities. Attorneys will emerge with a deeper understanding of estate planning that can attract a more affluent client base, increase service offerings, and elevate their practice’s reputation.

Networking Opportunities to Learn From Peers and Mentors

One of the most enriching aspects of this course is the chance to connect with like-minded professionals and esteemed law business mentors. These networking opportunities foster relationships that can lead to collaborative ventures, referrals, and invaluable advice from seasoned experts in the field. The way we think of it is that it’s like having a partner down the hall.

Enroll Today.

The landscape of estate planning is ever-evolving, driven by changes in law, technology, and client expectations. In this context, the importance of ongoing education cannot be overstated. New Law Business Model’s estate planning course represents a pivotal step for legal professionals aiming to not only keep pace with these changes but to lead with innovation and expertise. By offering a curriculum that emphasizes practical application over theoretical knowledge, this course promises not only to enhance the skills of its participants but also to transform their approach to legal practice. We encourage attorneys who are eager to elevate their estate planning services and career trajectories to seize this opportunity and speak with a Law Business Advisor to enroll in the course.

With New Law Business Model and our Life and Legacy Planning Bootcamp estate planning course, embark on a journey of mastering the art and science of estate planning, ensuring you can build your law practice into a business you love.