10 Law Practice Business Development Ideas: Key Takeaways for the Giving Season

The Evergreen List of 10 Business Development Activities You Can’t Live Without

We’d like to take a moment during this holiday season to let all of you incredible NLBM lawyers know how much we appreciate you. And we’re so overjoyed—and more than a little humbled—by the fact that you’re so grateful for NLBM.

Kelly Balamuth just posted this glowing expression of gratitude that is our gift about her year’s journey in building her law practice:

Our gratitude for you isn’t just during the holidays, but all year long, and we know you feel the same way about your clients. That’s why we’ve come up with this festive—truly evergreen—top 10 list of ways you can let them know how much you appreciate them.

[Don’t let ethics concerns get in the way of expressing your gratitude by way of social media. While there aren’t specific American Bar Association guidelines on social media, as long as you stay within common sense parameters you’ve likely learned about when you’ve earned your CLE credit (See CLE Estate Planning blog) then, as The National Law Review article, 6 Tips to Navigate Social Media Ethics for Lawyers says, “tread lightly and ethically,” but do tread. In fact, take several gigantic steps all the way forward.]

Write an email and/or blog post with holiday giving/community service ideas, inviting your list of recipients to share their own ideas on social media using your law practice’s hashtag, and other seasonal hashtags like #givingback #community #helping

Make your own bagful of “thank you favors with candy, using the name of the candy as part of your message. (Example: Grab some Werther’s Original caramel candy, and make a play on words like: “Don’t know WERTHER I’ve told you lately how much I appreciate you being my client!”)

Collaborate with another local business in hosting a holiday contest/giveaway with a twist where everyone who enters your contest wins. (Note: This is a business-building, community-oriented, and budget-conscious triple win because you can trade services, promote each other’s businesses, and provide your offerings as prizes.)

Produce a short, but heartfelt “thank you” video that you post on YouTube, your website, and social media. All you need is a little time, a smartphone, and a quick script you write beforehand. Pro tips: Record your video by using the landscape orientation, stabilize your phone with a tripod, or even a table, and make sure you’re shooting in an evenly lit area.

Share your gift of knowledge to seniors in the community with outreach to senior living facilities and groups where the elderly may not have the financial means to hire an Estate Planning Lawyer.


Riff on the 12 days of Christmas with the 12 days of Estate Planning Action Steps for clients on your social media. (You can tie this into self-care for the holidays and beyond.)


Send a digital holiday card to your clients with a link to a complimentary Estate Planning tool/resource as a gift.


Purchase handmade ornaments from one or more local non-profit organizations, and gift these to your clients, community members, and to whomever else you can think of.


Change your social media banner images to a thank you message/image directed to your clients. (You can use the free version of Canva to accomplish this quickly and easily.)


Start a holiday, “Tag, you’re it!” post on social media with an anonymous good deed a day, tagging your clients.


Some of these ideas may be a “tried and true,” a review, or entirely new, but they’re all things you can do now, and really, all year long.

Just make sure you’re present in your community by offering the gift of your legal expertise and counsel during this holiday season.