The Law Firm Escape: Ummi's Journey From Faceless Cases to True Fulfillment

While working as a corporate lawyer on the litigation team for nameless, faceless clients, Ummi realized that she wanted to do more meaningful work that truly helped people. After seeing Ali Katz speak on social media about the lifestyle and impact that’s possible with our business model, she signed up for our program and found the fulfillment and freedom she was looking for while at the same time growing her income. And not only did she transform her life and business by becoming a PFL she also found a community that supported her in a time of crisis.

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Ummi Lawan

Ummi is an estate planning and business lawyer serving clients in Texas. She is passionate about helping people build generational wealth and protect their businesses. She’s the proud mother of one daughter and one son.


A Hunger for Freedom

Before becoming a PFL, Sahmra did document review for Big Law. While working what she calls ‘the sweatshop life,’ she met two ladies and launched a practice with them that ultimately ended up being unsatisfying.

“I’ve worked with big firms and mid-size firms doing PRI logs, different types of document review, that kind of thing, the sweatshop life. When I was doing that, I met two young ladies that suggested we start a practice together. They’re like, ‘Sahmra, come start a firm with us.’ And I was like, ‘All right, fine.’ We’re like, ‘This sweatshop life is not for us. Let’s do it.’ So we started a firm. And about four months in, I realized I was the only one really doing any work.”

Sahmra left the practice with her colleagues and struck out on her own as a solo attorney as a side hustle while working full time for more established firms. But when she was laid off from her main job right before a long planned overseas vacation, with only one source of income, she knew she had to make her solo practice work.

“And March 30th was my last day with that firm. March 31st, hopped on a plane [to Peru]. Now my solo practice is my only stream of income, and I have to make a way to make it work. So I did. And that was the beginning of Office Without Walls [the parent company of Wills on Wheels].

The backstory of this is also that at the same time that all of this is going on, I’m beginning my journey in recovery. I’m eight years into recovery, so my practice has to look like something that’s sustainable for my wellbeing. Because these things are going on at the same time. So I put quality of life first, meaning I could travel, but also I could wake up and decide I want to take a yoga class at 9:00 AM, and it shouldn’t be an issue. So that’s how I built the practice.”

Sahmra was an early adopter of remote work, but she was missing a key ingredient that was necessary to fully bring her vision to fruition—an estate planning service.

“Before NLBM, I was 90% family law, 10% trusts and estates. I didn’t really have any trusts and estates, and I knew I needed to build that area.”

Sahmra got the substantive law training she needed to build a mobile estate planning practice by enrolling in our bootcamps. After receiving so much value from the training, she knew that becoming a PFL was the next step.

Access to a Turnkey A to Z System

Ummi was determined to do something different with her life, and she knew she needed help making the pivot. She was grateful that NLBM helped her change her career trajectory by providing everything she needed to learn estate planning and build a thriving law practice. 

“It is amazing the tools that NLBM has given me. It is every single little thing you need to be a successful law firm owner, basically because it gives you everything from the substantive law to the business side of things, and you get to learn all of this before you get started if you want, which is what I did.

I got to go through all the modules on what it is like to be an estate planning attorney, the substantive law, and also the business side of things, how to set up the law firm, how to find clients, and the operational aspect of managing a law firm—which before NLBM I had no idea what it was like. But the NLBM program is a turnkey system that helps you go from A-Z and know exactly what to do.”

Ummi quickly realized that launching a law practice and growing it ongoing requires different levels of support, so she joined PFL membership and thought it was well worth it.

“After you’re done with the training modules, then you start the membership if you want to, which I think is completely worth it. When you start the membership, you get ongoing support on how to continue building and managing that law firm because it is also a whole different learning curve on how to keep growing it and keep building up to where you want it to be. And they give you the guidance and the handholding to get you to that point.”

As a member lawyer, Ummi has access to our Law Business Success Coaches and our Law Business Mentors. And she continues to benefit from having regular access to these resources.

“I personally enjoy the mentor coaching a lot because a lot of the times there are things that I just feel like I’m in the dark, and I get so lost when it comes to new things that pop up in front of me from a client or a prospective client. And I get so nervous, but then when I go back and get on a call with one of the mentors, I immediately get this ‘a-ha’ moment of ‘ah, that’s what I needed to do. That’s what needed to happen.’ And they really guide you and show you step by step what you need to do and how you need to do it, and it just clears your mind. And I think that’s so refreshing.”

Finding Fulfillment And Community

After joining PFL, Ummi’s coach helped her hit her first $23,000 month.

“I think the last couple of months have been some of the best in the business, which is pretty interesting. We were trying to grow, so there’s a lot of expenses. But at the same time, I’m just really thankful that I’m able to get clients. And one of the things I am very proud of was last year when my coach started guiding me with how to do the marketing, and I started doing the online marketing; I got my first $23,000 month, and it was really refreshing and amazing to see that.”

Not only did becoming a PFL increase Ummi’s earnings, joining the PFL community provided her with a gift that was even more valuable to her than her growing revenue. When her ex-husband took her children and fled to another country, the PFL community rallied together to support her and help her reconnect with her kids.

“My children were taken by my ex-husband and brought to a different country, and it was a very stressful time. And I reached out to the community to let them know what was going on, and I received so much love and an overflow of support and positive energy. It was amazing how much everyone stepped in and tried to do as much as they could.

In particular, AJ, one of the mentors, really helped in facilitating getting the kids back. And he connected me with the best of the best investigators that can investigate all over the world and help you with things like this.

And AJ coached me through it and was kind of like the middleman, and I wasn’t paying him anything to do that. And it was really amazing how much he helped. And so, through his support, I was able to meet the right people who helped me with getting the kids back eventually. I am very, very grateful. Without the NLBM community, I don’t know if it would have happened the way it happened.”

And in addition to allowing Ummi to find a life changing community and increase her revenue, becoming a PFL also helped her to find the fulfillment she was looking for.

“This morning, I had a meeting with a client who looked at me and said, ‘As usual, you are doing an amazing job.’ And this is a client who is dying from cancer, and he feels like I have taken a huge burden off his shoulders because he wants everything to go as smoothly as possible for his loved ones when he’s gone. 

Now think of this, when I used to work for that big law firm, the plaintiffs I was fighting against used to have cancer. And I am the one that had to depose them and ask them questions about, ‘Well, are you sure that you worked with my client’s product? How do you know my client gave you cancer?’ 

I went from that to serving a client now who has cancer and is telling me that I have done the most important thing in his life for him. This is what he’s been wanting to do, and I helped him do it. 

And he followed up with an email saying how amazing it is to work with me and just how happy he is that I’m able to help him make things as easy as possible for his family. And so that is fulfillment at its best for me.”

By becoming a PFL Ummi got everything she dreamed of when she was longing to leave Big Law and she still has much more meaningful work ahead of her.

Are you ready to take action on your dreams by getting access to proven systems that help you to build a law business that allows you to love your work, generate more income and have more time with your family? Then we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us below.

Ummi Lawan


“It’s been really, truly a blessing to not have to work those full 10 hours every day that I used to work at the law firm. My time is my time, and my family time is my family time, and I only work on my law firm when I want to work on my law firm. That has been the biggest blessing to me that NLBM has brought.”


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