Father of 7 Leaves Firm To Start A Solo Practice

How NLBM helped Todd Jarvis build a successful solo practice and be a more present dad

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Todd Jarvis

Todd Jarvis is the proud father of 7 and has been practicing law in Arizona since 2012.


Spread Too Thin

Since 2012, Todd Jarvis has been practicing law in his home state of Arizona. But when the partners at his old firm began to retire, he knew it was time to start his own practice. Todd soon figured out that while he loved serving families and making sure they were protected, he wasn’t charging enough for his services, and didn’t know how he could deliver the value that would warrant him charging more.

It was clear that his new firm, as it stood, wasn’t going to support his family or give him the time to be with them as he would like.


Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Todd ended up finding NLBM, which helped him realize that he didn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it came to building a successful practice. He found that NLBM had all the tools he needed to build his practice from the ground up, with a ton of support from the curriculum, coaches, and mentors.


Increased his engagement to 98%

Within 10 months of practicing the NLBM method, Todd had reduced his stress levels, was engaging clients at an average fee of $4,500 per Estate Plan, increased his engagement to 98%, decreased his working hours nearly 40%, and increased his yearly revenue a shocking 750%.

Todd Jarvis


“It truly is a model that works, many other programs or coaches are full of empty promises, but NLBM delivers.”


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