A Public Defender From Alaska Becomes an Estate Planning Pro

How NLBM Helped Liz Smith Start A Practice in the Middle Of Nowhere


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Liz Smith

Liz Smith’s hometown of Juneau, Alaska is remote. But NLBM helped Liz build her hybrid practice into one of the most sought after in the area.


Far Out

Liz Smith began her career working for the State of Alaska, with grand hopes of being a longstanding public defender. Those hopes ended five years later, leaving her exhausted and needing a career change. She took a job as a health coach, while contemplating a private practice in the remote part of Alaska she lives in.


Finding Her Place

Seeing the need in her city of Juneau, Alaska, for trusted estate planners and recognizing her own need for training, guidance, and help to build her practice, led Liz to find NLBM in 2019. She enrolled quickly, encouraged by both the program and the leadership of NLBM’s Founder, Ali Katz.

Liz began to build her practice, first in Juneau, then traveling to the neighboring towns and communities to serve a larger clientele base. Best of all, she was building the practice she wanted and using her time the way she knew was most beneficial to her clients and those she loved most.


Success in the Wild

Liz has continued to grow her practice, expanding to five staff members and seeing an average of 15 clients per month at an average fee of over $4000 each. Most importantly, she loves her work and feels that she is making a difference in her community - incredible for a former public defender in one of the most remote parts of the world.

Liz Smith


“NLBM provides a really great legal foundation. So, the knowledge and the education, and then continuing guidance and mentors along the way…they provide amazing support to build the business that’s right for you.”


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