A Stressed Out Family Law Practitioner Becomes a Family Man Practicing Law

How NLBM helped Levi Alexander love his work and family better

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Levi Alexander

Levi came out of law school knowing he wanted to start his own practice. But the stress immediately affected his family life and well-being. Using the systems we gave him, Levi now has complete control of his schedule and his income. Best of all, Levi loves his life and his law practice.


Wanting More

Just three years after graduating, and with his own practice under his belt, Levi found himself and his fledgling practice in dire straits.

Worst of all, Levi knew that both his practice and the strain it was putting on his personal and home life was unsustainable. There didn’t seem to be a way that Levi could continue doing the work he loved, with the clientele that he loved, without making some major changes.

The NLBM Way of Practicing Law

After attending the NLBM bootcamp, and seeing the potential in the NLBM way of practicing law, Levi became a full member in 2017. It was also around this time that Levi decided to pivot his practice from Family Law to Estate Planning, beginning to work more and more of it into his practice.

A Family Man Practicing the Law

Slowly but surely, Levi’s practice moved into the 8-10 client \ per month range. Charging an average of $5,100 per client, Levi’s current monthly income is around $45-50k. A number he says is more than double what his practice was making the year previous.

Levi Alexander


“In 2016 I was so stressed out and dealing with so many situations. And I found New Law Business Model, had one foot in and one foot out, was taking a long time doing the training. I eventually dove in with both feet, joined the membership, and it’s completely changed my life. We’ve gone to a staffed practice, serving 8-10 clients per month, we’re on track to serve 12-15 per month. The income has increased, everything has been great with this program. When I surrender the way she [Ali] says to do it, everything just takes off. This has just been a fabulous adventure.”


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