Kim Considered Leaving the Law – Then She Found NLBM

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Kim Rockwood

How NLBM helped Kim Rockwood become the businesswoman she dreamed of being.


Potential Dries Up

Kim started her career working for a law firm doing construction litigation. But when the time came that she decided to start her family, Kim was laid off just six months into her pregnancy. It was then that she decided she would start her law firm. After starting her practice, Kim experienced incredible levels of stress and frustration. Although she was an experienced lawyer, she had no idea how to start a law firm or even run a business, for that matter. She had minimal self-confidence as a business owner, and things felt chaotic.


She adjusted how she was managing her time, her financials, her marketing...

When Kim started to utilize the resources and training available to her through her Membership with NLBM, she began to shift her approach. She adjusted how she was managing her time, her financials, her marketing, and how she communicated with clients. Step-by-step, Kim started seeing improvements.


an average of 12 clients a month (and growing)

Kim currently serves an average of 12 clients a month (and growing), has a 90% client engagement rate, has hired staff to support her, and is steadily working towards a 7-figure practice. Her practice is thriving, and she has a happy, healthy family life, including lots of quality time with her kids.

Kim Rockwood


“I really, really started coming at this from a place of service, and before, I was too scared to feel that way because I was too worried about being able to pay the bills and make enough money. When I let go of that and thought ‘no, how can I focus on the person in front of me,’ it changed a lot.”


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