How A No-Nonsense Lawyer Built an Inspiring and Lucrative Practice with NLBM

How NLBM helped Erica Endyke build a practice that was right for her life and goals.

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Erica Endyke

Being a PFL allowed Erica the opportunity to be the kind of role model and parent she wanted to be, while also giving her the chance to participate in her community and be the lawyer she always wanted to be too, growing her revenue by nearly 4x in her first year with NLBM.


Road Bumps In The Dream

Months into starting her own practice, Erica was facing a two-sided problem. She wasn’t making the kind of money she wanted to be making, and her practice wasn’t accommodating her family and schedule the way she’d hoped. She started looking for a solution.


Like so many lawyers, Erica understood both the upside and downside of trying something new and stepping out on a limb. But the potential of working with a proven program like NLBM, that could actually deliver the results she wanted, quickly became the priority in her mind. She eventually reached a critical moment…

She officially joined NLBM in March of 2019.


NLBM Helps Erica Find the Right Staff and Goals

Erica’s targets for clients and revenue began to shift and grow as she realized just how much demand she was going to experience, as well as needing to pay for additional staff and resources. What Erica eventually found was that as her practice and client number grows, so does her revenue.

She made a little over $100k in her first year of practice with NLBM. In 2022, she hopes to hit somewhere around $400k.

Erica Endyke


“In the beginning, I had that sticky note that said 3 to 5 clients. And then I changed my sticky to six to eight, and it reached that. And then when I started to hire more, I was like okay 16. Last month I think I had 18 family wealth planning sessions. I’m working my butt off. I’m enjoying it though. I think my first-year revenue was a little over a hundred thousand dollars. This year (2022) hopefully four hundred thousand.”


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