Trained Estate Planning Lawyer Finally Finds The Way

How NLBM helped David Taylor discover a better practice and life

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David Taylor

David Taylor is the kind and driven leader of Twin Falls Estate Planning, a highly successful PFL Practice in Twin Falls, Idaho


Litigation Burnout

Like so many other lawyers, David Taylor’s very first job out of law school found him at a litigation-heavy law firm practicing Estate Planning law. David struggled to learn the business, but in doing so, he became convinced that the way the law firm had been practicing Estate Planning could be modernized and refined. He began a concerted effort to change the way they were doing things, expending hours and energy to get the change to stick.

Because of his conviction, he eventually found himself without a job.


Estate Planning the Right Way

Understanding the direction he wanted to go in, but realizing that he didn’t have the tools or training necessary to accomplish it, David began to research curricula and programs that could help him establish his own Estate Planning practice. It was in this search that he first stumbled onto the New Law Business Model.

In the midst of the COVID shutdown, David decided to invest in the New Law Business Model as his primary coaching and education platform for running his Estate Planning law practice.


Empathy and kindness lead the way

Thanks to NLBM, David’s Twin Falls Practice is now a highly lucrative six-figure\month juggernaut. Even better yet, he gets to run the practice the way he’d always hoped he could, with empathy and kindness leading the way, rather than profit.

David Taylor


“One of the things I’ve really loved about the New Law Business Model is the support we’re given. Classes on communication skills, how to run your business better.”


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