A High-Powered Unfulfilled Lawyer Finds Renewal and Revenue

How NLBM helped Amy June finally use her incredible talents the way she wanted.

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Amy June

A graduate of Duke’s prestigious Law School, Amy June is a high-capacity lawyer who finally found real purpose through NLBMs training program.


When “Getting It All” Wasn’t Enough

After Amy graduated from Duke Law School, she went the traditional route, spending the next several years as a very successful litigator. But she was working long hours steeped in conflict, forced to accept every case and client assigned to her. It got so bad, she decided it was time for a change.

While she wasn’t sure what career opportunities were available to her after nearly two decades of practicing law, she was determined to find a better way to use her law degree to help people.


A New Kind of Practice

Amy recalls finding NLBM at a pivotal moment: “I found NLBM during a time when I felt completely stuck in a career path and societal structure that I didn’t feel like I could get out of.”

She heard more NLBM Lawyer stories, and she connected to all of them, particularly Ali’s story about how she started out. Inspired, finally decided to enroll with NLBM.


$95,000 a month

Amy’s high-caliber drive and skills, coupled with NLBMs program allowed her to have a 90% engagement rate, as well as bringing in nearly $95,000 a month by the end of the second quarter of 2022. But it’s the ability to use her skills, the way she always wanted, that means the most to Amy.

Amy June


“This is a proven pathway to open you up to possibilities that you really didn’t know existed, and that it can help put you in line with being your true version of you and not stuck in a version of yourself, just a smaller version or a constructed version of yourself.”


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