Adding a new practice area.

If you serve clients in a personal focus practice area — such as family law, real estate law, bankruptcy, personal injury, business law or any other “transactional” practice area that connects you with humans for one-off transactions — you can add Life & Legacy planning to your practice and provide more comprehensive (and often more profitable) services without any additional cost of client acquisition. That’s just good business.

Add a new practice area
Where your practice could improve

Your practice up till now.

If you are currently in litigation, criminal defense, governmental work, or public interest, and ready to transition into a more sustainable way of using your law degree, you can use Life & Legacy Planning to make the shift into a law practice you will love.

Billable hours, unpaid invoices, overworked, underappreciated, and taking on clients and services that don’t align with your goals or convictions. Do any of those sound like you?

Then you’re in the good company of nearly every lawyer that’s added Life & Legacy Planning to their law practice and said enough is enough.

Your practice moving forward.

Flexible, relational, and profitable. Taking on clients and work that you actually enjoy doing, and that doesn’t trickle into time at home, rest, or leisure.

You could start to:

  • Decide how much you earn, based on the practice model you choose: solo, staffed practice, or million dollar firm, we support you to desire and stay accountable to your goals.
  • Have complete control over when you work, and how often you work.
  • Become the leader of your life.

Accelerate your success with
Personal Family Lawyer®.

Personal Family Lawyer firms encounter greater success in sales conversations with clients, yielding an average of $5k per investment. You'll be provided with the tools and expertise you need to complete the NLBM Program and achieve a Personal Family Lawyer (PFL) designation.

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Connect with our team

Tell us what you are struggling with so we can determine if the program is right for you.

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Begin your journey

Engage with our curriculum and your new coach through our online platform. Grow at your own pace.

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Personal Family Lawyer

Complete the NLBM Program and earn your nationally recognized PFL designation - the key to the future of your practice.

Jill had the systems she needed to confidently expand her practice...

Jill decided to expand Jill Gregory Law, and add her Newport Beach area practice in 2014. While this meant starting her practice from scratch in a new area, Jill had the systems in place that allowed her to confidently and quickly become the ‘go-to lawyer’ in a new city. Jill now operates as a virtual lawyer – with clients all over Northern and Southern California – and her practice continues to grow.


Jill Gregory

This has been a life changing experience

"Becoming an NLBM layers was - without a doubt - the single best investment I have ever made not only for my business, but also for my clients, my family, and me! This has been a life changing experience. It guided me to be a better lawyer, a better person, a better businesswoman and led to my being a better parent. I consider being happy with my life and my business the greatest success.

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Will Stafford

Managing your mindset

"You have to go into it with a belief mindset that this works, if you work it properly, and if you work it as prescribed. So that’s what we did. We just implemented and implemented and implemented, and we saw our firm grow rapidly."

David Feakes

David Feakes

Control your time and attention

"Because of NLBM, we work with clients only 3 days a week and are able to enjoy life. I am proof that it works."

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Bethany Gilson

Providing a unique value

“There are other attorneys who dabble in Estate Planning, but there was nobody here holding themselves out as the Estate Planning attorney for the community. And I’ve never had an issue with finding clients or with the price I charge because people desperately need this education. They need this service.”

Frequently asked questions about
New Law Business Model.

How long does the NLBM program take?

Lawyers with estate planning experience will see results in the form of higher fees and happier clients in as little as 14-30 days. If you don’t have estate planning experience yet, you can start seeing new clients for Life & Legacy Planning in 60-90 days.

How do I earn my PFL designation?

You begin by learning how to provide Life and Legacy Planning, and then to implement our 6 systems for building a business you love around Life & Legacy Planning. Once implemented, you’ll work with your coach to take and pass our PFL assessment so we know you can fulfill on the PFL Promise before receiving your PFL designation.

Do you help with marketing?

Absolutely. Once you become a Personal Family Lawyer, we’ll teach you how to educate your community as the expert you’ll be using our marketing tools and systems to become the go-to educational resource in your community for the people you serve.

What if I’m not already an estate planning lawyer?

If you are not already an estate planning lawyer, we’ll guide you to the most efficient and effective sources of learning estate planning to support your Life & Legacy Planning. Plus, we’ll start you off with 3 months of the best document drafting software included in your enrollment, so you can learn by using the software to draft documents before you need to start paying for your own document drafting solution.

What does my coach do?

Your Law Business Success Coach will support you to clarify your personal time and money goals, and then use our cash flow forecasting and calendaring tools to hold you accountable. Then, your Coach will support you to apply all our vast support resources to your unique situation, while being there for you at every turn of your business as you step into your own leadership and growth.

How will I find clients?

You’ll begin by using the 4 ways to market for free in your community and the support we give you to do so effectively. That will get you to about 4-6 new clients per month consistently. When you are ready to increase to 8-10+ clients per month (because you have the support of a team), we’ll support you to add in paid marketing, and ensure that it pays off for you so you aren’t wasting money on running ads or presentations that don’t convert into paying clients.


You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.
We already did. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Take your first steps towards a life and
law practice you love.