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Family Business Planning Program Add On

You can leverage your law degree for better client service. You want to provide high-level service to families and business owners. Imagine being empowered—and having the support and training you need—to transform your law practice into one that allows you to do just that. Help your clients. The Strategic Business Advisor Upgrade is your first step in this transformational journey.


The traditional law practice model is broken.

The New Law Business Model has the “fix” that’s not so much “quick” as it is a better way to serve families and small businesses. The NLBM program will help you move away from being tied to the billable hour trapped by an impossible schedule, and often being relegated to soulless one-off transactions netting you lower fees resulting in an even lower morale.

You’re not the only unhappy lawyer.

Are you tired of being tied to the billable hour? Exhausted by the long hours that don’t energize you, but rather demoralize you? Feeling so time-poor you can’t serve your clients the way you want? We get it. We can help. To begin with, we’ll train and support you in these areas.


Throw the traditional law practice model
out the window.

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The Family Business Planning Program Includes

Your Team of Experts.

Meet a few of our NLBM experts representing our NLBM Lawyers and Coaches at large. Every day we enjoy working with lawyers just like you who want to build a law practice—and life—they love. One of our most noteworthy program benefits is the fact that our supportive team of experts are your supportive team of experts.


Ali Katz

CEO & Founder

Ali thrives on empowering other lawyers to build the law practices—and lives—they’ve always envisioned. Over the past decade and a half, she has overseen the training of more than 3,030 lawyers in the New Law Business Model program.


Bonnie Faucett

Director of Product

Bonnie ran a highly successful law firm the NLBM way, and now is the Director of Product for New Law Business Model. Her specialty is helping Personal Family Lawyers with the technology platforms needed to automate the NLBM practice systems.


Allison Osborn

Director of Member Success
& Lead Coach

Allison has spent the last 15 years immersing herself in the world of coaching, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. In her current role at NLBM she works closely with both our NLBM Member Lawyers and our team of coaches to ensure everyone has access to all of the tools and support they need.


Rod Williams

Law Business Success Coach

As a certified Life Coach and Fitness Trainer Rod came to NLBM knowing how to empower clients by creating—and strengthening—their positive mindset. He enjoys supporting and coaching lawyers as they experience the transformation that allows them to build businesses and lives they love.

How NLBM Member Lawyer Todd Jarvis never looked back when he left the traditional law practice model behind, and embraced the opportunity to serve families and businesses at a higher level.


I didn’t want to bill hourly anymore and I wanted to have long term relationships with the business owners and families that I worked with – no more one-shots. NLBM was the answer – I didn’t have to create the model, it already existed and came with a full support network and mentors.


Todd Jarvis, NLBM Member Lawyer

New Law Business Model Lawyers:
In Their Words

Before NLBM I was burned out and thinking of leaving the law completely to become a life coach. Now, I love my law firm and my law practice. My clients are wonderful to work with and super grateful. I feel like I am making a difference, and have better work-life balance. I feel confident and excited about what the future holds, which wouldn't have been possible without NLBM.


I’m in charge of my schedule. I'm at my kids' school many days, and I get to participate in all their activities…and with the NLBM way of doing estate planning, I know I'm an integral part of the solution for many wonderful families. I had a 100% increase in revenue in the first year, and I am building a practice I love and am proud of.


I was a commercial litigator for 12 years. I had my own practice for 2.5 years before starting with NLBM because of a family crisis. What made the decision for me was that I had made other firms plenty of money, but this time I was going to invest in myself. I'm in my 3rd year of having a purely transactional (corporate and estate planning) practice. I've never been happier with the practice. I'm a stronger advisor to my clients. Importantly, I created a 6 figure practice in year one of the transactional work because of the NLBM skills.