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Jordan J.

“I worked at a large corporate firm before going out on my own and finding NLBM.  I practiced in Commercial Litigation and some Estate Planning and Family Law. I was unsatisfied, overworked and underpaid.  

Before starting my own family estate planning practice and implementing tools provided by NLBM, I never received gratification or appreciation from clients. Now, the affirmation received from my clients lets me know that I made the right choice! 

The NLBM program has benefited me greatly as it has provided more time with my family, and I have increased my revenue by 100%.”

Deb U.

I transformed my litigation law practice to the NLBM way a little over a year ago. I wanted to shift my practice away from litigation cases so that I could be in control of my schedule, and not be tied to an office. Now, being able to work from home, I am there everyday when my kids get home from school, and any other time they need me since I can schedule my meetings around their needs.
I absolutely recommend NLBM to anyone wanting to level-up their practice!
Headshot of Rebecca Strub, Lawyer and New Law Business Model member.

Rebecca S.

When I started my firm, I wanted to work part-time, from home so I could be there for my kids. When I came across NLBM, the ideas really resonated with me. Making the decision to build my business with NLBM was a turning point in my practice.

The marketing materials are very helpful and the community support has been wonderful. Anytime I had a question, I could ask. It kept me from feeling alone. The coaching calls have helped me work through mindset shifts around the engagement process, and having equanimity about whether or not someone engages is priceless.

Irene D.

I was a fairly new attorney who went into the practice of law knowing I wanted to work from home as a solo practitioner. I have seen many of my fellow colleagues get burned out, discouraged or sued. That was not the life I wanted, I wanted to create something different.

I was looking for full flexibility both in time and the place where I practiced. Based on that, I knew I needed structure and processes that would allow me to provide exemplary service efficiently, and maximum success in a relatively short space of time. NLBM provided me with expert guidance on how to do this.

I LOVE my life. I am able to work part time and make a good living with the services I provide. I get to work with clients I love such as women starting their own businesses, and help families leave a legacy for generations to come. I feel the same happiness in my career as I did during my 30 years as a nurse because I am impacting the lives of my clients in real, meaningful and far-reaching ways.

It also has allowed me put my own family as a priority and I regularly spend quality time with my amazing husband, my grown kids and my grandchildren so that we can all have experiences and memories together. Through implementing the New Law Business Model in my practice, I get to experience life at its fullest, earn a good living, and experience the joy of being a lawyer in true service.

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Love My Practice Again

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