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Debra K.

After 20 years as a successful trial attorney, Debra wanted to escape the heavy stress, court deadlines, and adversarial nature of litigation. As an active mom she wanted a life where she could serve clients in a meaningful way, make a great income and spend time with her 7 year old. Here’s Debra’s story of leaving behind litigation, creating a lifestyle that allowed spending more time with her son and learning a whole new way to practice law:

Maureen P.

Prior to joining New Law Business Model, Maureen was doing commercial litigation for a real estate company, and working long and stressful hours. She has a 5 year old son and was not spending the time she wanted with him. After joining New Law Business Model she was able to transition out of commercial litigation, focus on building her own estate planning practice while still making a good living, and is now is able to spend much more time with her son and be the mom she wants to be. Listen to Maureen’s full story here:
Headshot of Jill Gregory, Estate Planning Attorney

Jill G.

Jill used to be what we call a “Door Lawyer,” taking whatever legal work came in the door. Through the New Law Business Model training she signed up for, her practice was not only able to survive, but also thrive – even in a family emergency. Here’s her story about how her daughter now calls her “Summer Mommy” even as she runs a successful (and growing) law practice.

“Becoming an NLBM lawyer was — without doubt — the single best investment I have ever made not only for my business, but also for my clients, my family and… me!

I gradually incorporated the system and tools into my practice and I am blown away with the results each step of the way. My clients hug me at the end of every meeting – always. Even the big burly men. I love my practice again. I am only doing estate planning and probate – and love every day of it.

In my first year as an NLBM lawyer:

  • My revenue doubled
  • My fees charged for each plan went from $1200/$1500 to $4000 and up!
  • Prospective clients no longer tried to negotiate a lower fee – they know the value of the plan and are happy to pay it
  • I no longer have to track down fees
  • I was able to stop practicing in other areas of law and focus my energy only on the areas of practice that I love
  • I have systems in place which make sure my clients are very well taken care of not only during the planning process, but well into the future
  • I spend considerably less time in the office
  • I am able to spend more time with my family
  • I receive thank you emails and cards from my happy clients
  • I have become the “go-to lawyer” for estate planning in my community (and neighboring communities)
  • I have a steady stream of clients referred by local CPAs, insurance agents and real estate agents

Most importantly, I love what I do!

As if that wasn’t enough, all of this success occurred in a year that had I not been a NLBM Lawyer, my business never would have survived.

Within days (really just days) of joining the program, my young daughter developed life threatening health issues. I no longer had the time or the luxury of working 40+ hours a week and spent much of my time rushing her to the ER and traveling to medical appointments (I am happy to say that she is now happy and healthy).

Thanks to the NLBM program, I was able to quickly put systems in place so my practice was not only able to thrive, but to grow while I took care of a loved one.

Prior to becoming a NLBM, I worked crazy hours.

I was overworked, underpaid, chasing down clients to get paid, stressed about how to pay the bills, stressed about having enough work, stressed, stressed, stressed…

For over a decade, I struggled with my practice. My clients were happy, but I wasn’t and was questioning why I became a lawyer. Alexis’ program helped me change all of this!

Becoming a NLBM Lawyer has been a life changing experience.
Next year, my goal is to triple my revenue and I know that with NLBM’s guidance the wonderful team, I will get there (or pretty darn close).

My only regret is that I didn’t find your program sooner.”

-Jill G.

Read Jill’s Firsthand Account

Suzan C.

The NLBM has been amazing. It allows me to determine and know exactly how many clients I need to engage each month and how much I need to make each month. With all the coaching calls and resources it was like a roadmap to implement each aspect of the plan. I started with the way I answer calls, then marketing with the monthly and weekly newsletters, all the way through retaining clients. I am able to create the schedule I want so that I am there for my daughter who was only 8 months old when I started and will now soon be 5 and starting school. I know at that time I can increase the hours I work if I want to. Without NLBM I believe I would be in a firm working long hours and missing out on family time. NLBM provides me the guidance I need to find and engage new clients. Plus, as a PFL I have access to resources like presentation material which is very helpful. I would recommend NLBM to others, and have done so.

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Love My Practice Again

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