Levi A.

“This program has completely changed my life. The only estate planning I had done before this program is basic wills and powers of attorney, etc. The bootcamp teaches you about not only estate planning, but how to see the value in what you do and therefore how to charge a fee that matches the value. There are some days that I make more money that day than I used to make in an entire month. Even better than that, I have clients that I enjoy working with. I no longer have to deal with the intense drama of family law that stressed me out and wasn’t fair to my family.

I kicked the tires on this program for a long time before I finally jumped in and my only regret is that I waited so long to start. I look at where I used to be and where I am now, and I’m just amazed at my own personal growth and the growth of my company. Ali and her team have been amazing. I can’t adequately describe how much help they have been.

John H.

“Before joining NLBM . . . I didn’t know how to market, and I didn’t have the systems needed to truly succeed. So I went through NLBM training, and I saw that the training works, the systems work, and the people I meet with always become clients.

Within my first month of practicing “next-level estate planning” I started bringing in 2-3 clients a month. The amazing guidance and coaching from NLBM is what allowed me to have multiple 5-figure months. I’m now on a solid path toward having a million dollar law practice.”

Amie M.

Amie graduated law school in the recession as brand-new mom. And it only when she opened the doors to her new practice that she realized she had no idea how to run a business. After making just $40,000 her first year and working way more than full-time, Amie realized something needed to change. And it did: At our last check in, she was bringing in $40,000 a month!

Stan P.

Stan was terrified to transition out of criminal defense, yet he was committed to working only with clients he enjoyed serving. He loved the idea of the NLBM Legacy Planning Program model even though it meant he had to do marketing – something he’d never done before. Here’s how Stan signed up his first 14 estate plan-minded clients with a 100% engagement rate:

Wendi T.

Wendi was a seasoned litigator who quickly reinvented herself, standing out so much from her local market that her services were chosen above a lawyer with 40 years experience! Just a year after leaving the ‘security’ of her firm, she’s got her own thriving, growing practice and is much more fulfilled by her work.

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During Your Call, You’ll Receive the Following:

Clarity on what’s possible when you serve families and business owners with “Next Level Estate Planning”;

Certainty if it’s the right practice model to help you reach your personal and professional goals;

How quickly you can learn our systems, and begin seeing clients who are happy to pay $3,000–$5,000 per plan;

The exact steps – a personalized roadmap – for you to create a thriving practice based on your unique situation, plus the cost and time of training;

Answers to any questions you may have

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