Robert G.

I ignored NLBM emails for months. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about their claims that it was possible to do something meaningful and lucrative with my law degree, AND have a flexible schedule. After 25 years practicing law, I thought they wouldn’t be able to teach me anything. I was wrong.

Within a few months of working with NLBM, I’ve increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo—one thousand percent) and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each. The best part is I’m energized and love my business again. I sure wish I had opened the NLBM emails sooner.

Headshot of Jordan Lyscek, estate planning attorney

Jordan L.

The more I ‘dial in’ the NLBM systems, the happier I am & the more I love my law practice! Making more money is just a delightful perk to actually having work that I love and a business that supports my lifestyle.

Headshot of Michael DellaMonaca, estate planning lawyer

Michael D.

Today I had a very fun day. I got to ‘just talk’ with people, I got to be a human being and relax. I wasn’t on edge, I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I mean, how many lawyers are actually having this much fun! Your system brings humanity back to being a lawyer. Thanks so much NLBM.