Hit the 1,000,000 Mark

Vanessa T.

Vanessa joined us as a new mom. She initially worked in estate planning for a trust company, but then she started her own firm. On her own, she quickly learned that she would not be able to build a sustainable law practice using the traditional law practice model—or trying to reinvent the wheel herself. Using our approach, however, Vanessa has taken two maternity leaves, bought an office building, and now she has a 7-figure law practice serving families in her community. Listen to Vanessa share how New Law Business Model helped her build the practice she always dreamed of:

Laura M.

“I now have a huge law practice in one of the wealthiest places in the country and I work a 3 day work week. I can do that because new law business model helped me put in the systems I needed to have that flexibility where my clients are getting even better service than they would get at any other firm, but I have the flexibility to be with my children.

I appreciate everything NLBM has done! We have an incredible lifestyle where we can provide whatever we need to for our family financially, but we don’t have to do it at the expense of being present parents, or with the expense of short cutting our clients. You really can have it all if you want to follow the systems.”

David F.

David’s been with us since the beginning, and we’re proud to see him continue growing. In fact, David is one of our original 7-Figure Firm Builders. Listen to David explain how New Law Business Model helped him transform his practice to serve the clients he truly loves serving:

Start a New Estate Planning Law Practice

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Transition to Part-Time

Build a Home Office

Love my law practice again

Love My Practice Again

During Your Call, You’ll Receive the Following:

Clarity on what’s possible when you serve families and business owners with “Next Level Estate Planning”;

Certainty if it’s the right practice model to help you reach your personal and professional goals;

How quickly you can learn our systems, and begin seeing clients who are happy to pay $3,000–$5,000 per plan;

The exact steps – a personalized roadmap – for you to create a thriving practice based on your unique situation, plus the cost and time of training;

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