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headshot of Susan Hunt, estate planning attorney

Susan H.

Prior to joining NLBM, I was doing a lot of real estate closings and a little bit of estate planning.  Real Estate was such a big part of my income that I was afraid to let it go. When I learned about NLBM and the coaching they provide, I realized I could have a much better lifestyle by focusing solely on estate planning, the NLBM way.

Because I already had a background in estate planning, the transition was very smooth. With coaching, I quickly implemented the necessary systems to allow myself greater flexibility in work hours. Since then, I work fewer hours, with a smaller staff and lower overhead expenses, and my income has steadily increased.

I already liked estate planning, but I absolutely love what I do now. My time in the office is structured and efficient in a way it never was before. I have the freedom to see clients only three days a week, I am able to take multiple vacations throughout the year without my business missing a beat, and the services we provide are unparalleled in our community.  All thanks to the guidance and resources from NLBM.

Beverly D.

Beverly had been practicing law for the past 20 years and was ready to throw in the towel when she found the New Law Business Model. She puts a high value on being with her family and being able to travel, and was not finding that the traditional path was enabling her to do that, or to truly serve her clients in a meaningful way. The New Law Business Model opened up a new perspective for her on how to practice law in a way that she loved, with the clients she loved and still spend time with her family and travel. Here is Beverly’s story of how she went from almost leaving the practice of law to loving being a lawyer again:

Hit the $1M Mark

Start a New Estate Planning Law Practice

Transition to Part-Time

Build a Home Office

Love my law practice again

Love My Practice Again

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How quickly you can learn our systems, and begin seeing clients who are happy to pay $3,000–$5,000 per plan;

The exact steps – a personalized roadmap – for you to create a thriving practice based on your unique situation, plus the cost and time of training;

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