The New Law Business Model is a proven, systematized, and highly personalized system that trains you to serve your estate planning clients as a long-term trusted advisor, instead of as a once-and-done, glorified document-drafter. With our relational approach, you’ll provide a much higher level of service than your clients can get elsewhere, completely differentiate yourself from the competition in your area, charge premium fees ($3,000 to $5,000 on average per plan), and have clients who appreciate you greatly.

You will learn how to provide an extraordinary level of estate planning service that the people in your community need and will love, such that they will be happy to pay your fees. You’ll also learn how to educate your community so they understand how valuable your service is compared to the risk of traditional DIY or transactional planning that often fails, leaving their family at risk of unnecessary future court costs, or conflict. Finally, you will make the shift from being a “transactional” lawyer to a “relational” lawyer, a true trusted advisor to your clients, and that’s a huge differentiator for you.

Many of the lawyers who work with us begin without any support staff, because we teach them how to outsource the necessary business functions at the proper time. However, keep in mind, we do teach our lawyers how to confidently add staff with our proven tools when they are ready.

Our practice model works equally well in urban, suburban, and rural settings. If you live in a place where people send their children to private school, then it’s highly likely you’ll be able to fill your practice with enough clients to create the income you’re seeking, although you may charge a bit less than lawyers living in big cities. We have lawyers who live in rural counties in the South and the Midwest who serve 10+ clients a month, at average fees of $3,000 to $3,500.

Our core program is delivered through multimedia online courses, 6 – 8 live coaching calls a month, and an active community forum where seasoned NLBM-practicing lawyers answer your questions. Once you enroll, you gain access to the full training immediately and you own it from there on. The live support runs for 90 days, where you’ll be creating your own “next level” estate plan, as well as taking two practice clients through our highly regarded Family Wealth Planning Session. Once you are able to engage clients with the NLBM methodologies, you are then eligible for NLBM marketing membership, which includes highly-effective marketing resources for generating all the clients you want to serve.

Our program is customized based on the specifics of where you are now, and how quickly you want to move ahead. On an introductory call, we will do three things: 1) determine if we’re a good fit, 2) establish what your personal roadmap will look like, and 3) discuss what your investment would be, and how quickly you will make back your investment. (Book a consult here)

We promise to do everything in our power to not let you fail. If you are still not engaging clients — after 90 days for Life & Legacy Planning Program and 180 days for Life & Legacy Planning Program with Strategic Business Advisor Upgrade — and you are doing the work you committed to in the Pledge, we will continue to mentor and coach* you until you’ve engaged your first two paying clients, giving you the confidence to know you can recoup the cost of your investment.

* With an extension of your complimentary Mentorship & Coaching Subscription which includes access to the forum, group coaching calls, dedicated Facebook Group, and twice weekly Office Hours with a Core Program Coach.

Yes. We have helped hundreds of lawyers who had no prior knowledge of estate planning, and who today have thriving estate planning law practices.

Yes, in most states accreditation has been approved. You can receive between 6 and 10 credits depending on the state.

Our core program is estimated at about 100 hours. If you dedicate 10 hours per week you can easily complete the program within 90 days. If you have prior estate planning knowledge and/or experience, you will be able to go through the program much more quickly.

If you are already doing estate planning, you are going to love what we offer because it’s going to super-charge what you already know how to do, and completely differentiate you from all the other lawyers provided wills and trusts in your community. We’ll teach you an entirely new way to practice estate planning so you’re able to build on your legal/technical knowledge and shift from a “transactional” model of serving clients into a “relational” model of serving clients, that has your clients happy to pay your premium fees, instead of hiring a documents focused lawyer, or going the DIY route. Once you follow the NLBM way of communicating about estate planning, you’ll increase your engagement rate to 100% for the prospects who need your services and you’ll be receiving fees of on average $3,000 to $5,000 per client. And, your clients will become raving fans who work with you for life, and refer all of their friends, family, clients and colleagues.


Our philosophy is “quality over quantity,” and as such, we teach you how to make your offerings more attractive to a smaller number of high-value clients. Additionally, during our training, you’ll be creating your own unique story for your core offerings and your marketing, which will help you attract the clients that are best suited for your practice. Lastly, there 93 million families transferring their wealth over the next 40 years, which means there’s a robust pool of prospects.

Once you’ve completed the core curriculum and you’ve done your own plan using the NLBM framework, you’re ready to take on new clients. We’ll teach you how to use free marketing methodologies – such as networking that works, re-educating your referral sources, and asking certain “curiosity questions” in a specific way to people you already know in your community — so you can land ideal, high-paying clients, without making risky investments in paid marketing.

After you’ve engaged 2 to 3 practice clients, you are eligible for NLBM Membership, where you’ll receive our proven done-for-your marketing modules.

No. Our marketing is based on our innovative practice model, so the done-for-you marketing content we provide through our Personal Family Lawyer and Family Business Lawyer memberships has been developed specifically to attract clients who will value the NLBM way of estate planning.

Most lawyers don’t feel competent at sales when they come to us. And if you’re hesitant about selling in a way that seems pushy, that’s great because our approach to enrolling clients isn’t at all pushy or even convincing. It’s all about educating and empowering your prospective clients and helping them make informed decisions with your counsel. Our approach to engaging clients feels good to everyone – to you and to your prospective clients.


Yes. We teach a framework that works anywhere in the U.S., with CLE-based training in substantive law that’s relevant at the national level, not state-specific. We also help you learn what you need to know at the local level, as well as how to integrate that into our practice model.

Yes. Everyone needs an estate plan, so if your clients already trust you with one area of law, it’s a natural next step for them to trust you to help them plan for their death, protect their family and their assets. Also, our model is completely scalable, so you can start small and then expand your estate planning practice area as you see fit. (Most NLBM-trained lawyers do just this, because it became the most enjoyable, lucrative area of their practice.)


We help you decide on the best drafting software or outsourced services for you to use to create your legal documents. What NLBM does is help you make sure your clients’ plans work over time and don’t fail when their families need them. (Note: we do provide proprietary Kids Protection Plan® documents to our members.)

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