Stop Practicing Law.
Start Building a Business.

It’s time to turn your law practice into a law business, and there is a difference. Practicing law the traditional way means everything you didn’t sign on for like long hours, and being tied to the billable hour. Sharing your legal expertise means building your law practice your way with a flexible schedule, and an integrated life. We can show you how.

Spend more time focusing on doing what you love.

Now that you’ve gone through our Life and Legacy Planning Program you’ve gotten a taste for how the New Law Business Model creates a brand new—and better—way to practice law. The next step is building the systems that will help you serve families and business owners at the highest level.
You need more hours on the clock.

 Are you getting a sense there’s even more you need to know to serve families and business owners better? Take it to the next level by becoming a FBL, so you can get training and support in these areas.










Throw the traditional law practice model
out the window.

You’ve just signed up for the Family Business Lawyer Program.

What happens now?


Connect with our team who will give you program access

You’ll gain access to our program materials plus receive a welcome call from our team within 24 (business) hours.


 Meet one-to-one with your Law Business Success Coach

You can schedule your first one-to-one meeting right away with your Law Business Success Coach.


Receive ongoing access to the full membership program
We give you one-to-one coaching and continued support and resources like complete designs for your website, built-for-you marketing funnels, and pre-written content for attracting and serving families and business owners.

The Family Business Lawyer® Membership Includes

Your exclusive access means after you provide your web developer with our templatized, but customizable designs and content they can build your complete PFL website quickly and easily. For FBLs, we also offer web page designs and copy specific to helping business owners.
Your exclusive access means you’ll receive pre-written weekly articles and monthly newsletter content that will streamline your business development process. You’ll also receive ongoing access to content that will attract clients that are small business owners.
Your exclusive access gives you everything you need to engage your ideal family audience and small business owners. From sales funnels to marketing reports, to educational presentations, you’ll have everything you need to generate a robust client prospect list.

Ongoing direct access to a dedicated Law Business Success Coach to keep you accountable as you learn how to serve both families and small business owners, ensuring you move forward in the program. Six (6) private coaching sessions over the first three months at which time your coaching support transitions to a monthly private coaching session. You also get access to Laser Coaching Sessions with Our CEO and Founder, Ali Katz.

Unlimited access to our complete Family Business Lawyer program with training on how to build and systematize
your law practice. Helps you build a law practice that keeps running—including your business development activities—even when you’re not in the office.

Unlimited access to coaching about building your law practice. You’ll receive frequent invitations to participate in live coaching calls on additional topics that will help you serve both families and business owners. As a bonus, we include one call specifically designated for your law practice team members.
Your ongoing access to our Knowledge Repository allows you to listen and learn on the go. You’ll find a treasure trove of materials here, which includes archived coaching calls, video “best of” snippets from calls, and mobile-accessible podcast episodes.
Your ongoing access offers you one-to-one coaching sessions with our expert estate planning attorney mentors. These NLBM-trained lawyers share their law practice and business experience with you. Additional support is offered in the form of a community of business planning mentors who guide you through the more technical aspects of the program.
Ongoing access to a knowledgeable online community of lawyers with peer support through our private NLBM Member Social Media Marketing Support & Collaboration Facebook Group. This is where lawyers just like you share best practices and feedback with each other in a supportive environment.
Your ongoing exclusive access gives you the opportunity to communicate with Member Lawyers, Lawyer Mentors, and NLBM team members in real-time. Additional forums include how to attract and serve small business owner clients.

Talk to a Law
Business Advisor

Now that you’ve successfully completed the Life & Legacy Planning Program would you like to talk about what’s next?

Our Law Business Advisors are ready, willing, and able to help you get the information you need.

Your Team of Experts.

Meet a few of our NLBM experts representing our NLBM Lawyers and Coaches at large. Every day we enjoy working with lawyers just like you who want to build a law practice—and life—they love. One of our most noteworthy program benefits is the fact that our supportive team of experts are your supportive team of experts.

Ali Katz

CEO & Founder


Bonnie Faucett

Director of Product


Allison Osborn
Director of Member Success
& Lead Coach

Rod Williams

Law Business Success Coach


Ali thrives on empowering other lawyers to build the law practices—and lives—they’ve always envisioned. Over the past decade and a half, she has overseen the training of more than 3,030 lawyers in the New Law Business Model program.

Bonnie ran a highly successful law firm the NLBM way, and now is the Director of Product for New Law Business Model. Her specialty is helping Personal Family Lawyers with the technology platforms needed to automate the NLBM practice systems.

Allison has spent the last 15 years immersing herself in the world of coaching, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. In her current role at NLBM she works closely with both our NLBM Member Lawyers and our team of coaches to ensure everyone has access to all of the tools and support they need.

As a certified Life Coach and Fitness Trainer Rod came to NLBM knowing how to empower clients by creating—and strengthening—their positive mindset. He enjoys supporting and coaching lawyers as they experience the transformation that allows them to build businesses and lives they love.

How Member Lawyer Amy June went from being a stuck and unfulfilled lawyer to a reborn and renewed lawyer.

This is a proven pathway to open you up to possibilities that you really didn’t know existed, and that it can help put you in line with being your true version of you and not stuck in a version of yourself, just a smaller version or a constructed version of yourself.

Amy June, NLBM Member Lawyer

New Law Business Model Lawyers: In Their Words

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