How to Design a Law Firm Business Plan that Works for Your Life

You’ve invested a great deal of your time and resources into your education and building your law practice, but are you reaping the rewards that are possible due to all of your hard work? If you are like most lawyers, probably not. Your law degree is one of the most valuable resources you have, and…

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Leap Into a Law Practice You Love – Part 2

Circular image of Ali Katz, NLBM founder, on the left, next to copy that reads "Leap Into a Law Practice You Love Part 2, overlayed on transparent image of woman leaping in the air.

Welcome back to part 2 of our Leap Into a Law Practice You Truly Love series. If you missed the first part of the series, you can read it here. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. I thought that working for a big law firm, earning a 6-figure paycheck was the jackpot I had…

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Why Great Lawyers Don’t Accept Every Client Who Walks Through the Door

The following is adapted from The New Law Business Model by Ali Katz, New Law Business Model Founder and CEO—find it on Amazon. Many lawyers mistakenly think they need to take whatever business walks in the door just to keep the doors open. Does someone need a divorce lawyer? You’ll take it. Someone else needs…

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My Epic Fail: Lessons in Lawyer Business Development

Coffee spilled on keyboard as a metaphor for fail in lawyer business development

Lessons learned from our failures often come at a cost. In this case, it was $5,500. But the things I learned from this epic fail resulted in a seven-figure windfall; in the end, it’s the feeling of triumph that I remember most clearly…

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